She's not gonna get better.

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Mon Jul 9, '12 1:55pm PST 
I am so truly sorry to hear about Noortje. I lost my beloved Angel Pie Joe a little over a year ago--I lost his sister 15 days later.
Joe had Chronic Kidney Failure. He was like a baby to me, and for about a year I couldn't think about him without crying. Even now, writing this, I have tears blurring my eyes. I still miss him terribly, but I now know I will make it through losing him. It may sound ridiculous; but loss is loss and grief is grief.
I would say please leave Noortje inside the house. She is very vulnerable right now, and she needs to be made as comfortable and safe as possible. Joe was a Persian; so he was a quiet sort, not one to climb on things---and as his illness progress I saw no other signs but that he was a bit quieter as his time drew near. I was in the hospital myself when Joe passed. My best friend called me and said she was at the vet with Joe---I immediately became hysterical---I had known he was sick, but I didn't expect him to go so suddenly. He just woke up that morning and wouldn't eat and couldn't stand up. Dr. Dalyn W., our vet, who had cared for him and my other cats for years, said it was time. He had been through so much in life---he was blind in one eye and had suffered a brain abscess. His little system just started to shut down with the kidney disease.
All I know to tell you is keep those pictures--mine mean a lot to me still. And you will make it---cry if you need to , talk if you need to, and just love her asmuch as you can.
(P.S. you are in my group, THUNDERCATS* Take care.hug)

Buster (now- in kitty- heaven)

I'm the best- little boy in- town!
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Buster's mama here.

Tigger you've given some great advice. The more positive happy memories you make with Noortje now the better you'll feel once she is gone. I know I felt better knowing I did everything I could for Buster. Same with my Greta. She loved to be held and the day I had to put her down, I held her and held her as long as I could until her time came.

Oh also you asked about what kitties do in the evening. Since Noortje is an older kitty she might like just lounging around the house...does she have a favorite toy? Greta loved the laser toy. (So do my other kitties, LOL). She also had a red ball like you get at Petsmart that she would chase and play fetch with. As she got older she got so she slept more and would often sleep near me on the sofa.

Hope this helps. smile

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Thanks again for your answers, you are just all such lovely people!

And you are right, I can not keep grieving while she is still here, so I decided that I would not and I started this morning; I got up, went to her, cuddled her, talked to her and then went off to work (the cuddling made me arrive late @ work, haha!)

And also this morning, her eye (which is also infected by the cancer) is doing much better now! I know that it is temporary because she is not gonna cure from the cancer, but it is a little positive thing to hold on to! big grin
Made my whole day instantly better!

And yesterday before I went to bed, I talked about this site and you guys and how you say such nice and helpfull things; she purred really hard, like she was really happy and smiling, as if she sent me angels (you guys wink) to take care of me during this rough time.

Again, so much thanks! You are all making it a lot easier to cope with this, thank you ALL! big hug


Princess Forever
Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 7:45pm PST 
My Natasha passed on December 3rd, 2011 with iris melanoma that had spread to her liver.
She was an old sweetie and beloved. I will always miss her and feel sad but it was her time.
We were with her at the end. We were in more pain than her when she was given her wings.
My husband, daughter, and I held her and gave her our love. Enjoy what time you have left and
eventually you will remember the good times. I took my time finding another sweetie. My Alex
needed a pal and we needed another cat. Juliette is our nwest addition. I feel that Natasha lives through her.....It is hard now but time helps a bit. My gift to Natasha was not to allow her suffer and to remember the good times we had. She worked so hard making us happy that she would hate to know that we were so unhappy......take care..


Purred: Fri Jul 13, '12 6:15am PST 
Thanks for your support! Comforts me a lot smile
I'm also sorry to hear about your cat frown
She's looking over you from heaven

SKIDS KITTY- gone, never- forgot

lil human on 4- legs
Purred: Fri Jul 13, '12 7:27pm PST 
SO sorry you are losing your buddy. Mom talked to me all the time and she creid with me and I tried to comfort her. Later mom read about how much we pick up on the emotions of the peeeps we love. So try and be positive when you talk to her and tell her you love her. Mom told my sisterfur booboo about the rainbow bridge and how she was gonna feel much better. Most of all just let her know she is not alone that you will be wit her. I think that is why she is coming around more and more to be with peeps. I wanted to be right near mom all the time, she hated to go to work after I got so sick. hugs and more hugs we know this is very hard but when and if it is time she will let you know and you will feel it in your heart, cause she will take a peace of it with her. wishes

SKIDS KITTY- gone, never- forgot

lil human on 4- legs
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ooh no we sent a hug not best wishes sorry we hit wrong Iconhugsmile

DustytheDogc- at©(Dus- ty)

Defender of the- Fourth Step, and- Hummers
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A cancer diagnosis is never easy to hear. We are so very sorry to learn your sad news. Take comfort in knowing you gave Noortje a loving home. Keep Noortje indoors at all times. Love her, cuddle her, brush her...dote on her like crazy. Record her purrs and video her cuddle sessions. They will become treasures to get you through the tough time after Noortje crosses the Bridge.

I lost many of my 12 cats to cancer, and it's always a difficult time. My Rocky crossed the Bridge in March 2010 of brain cancer. He battled it for the last 6 months before he crossed the Bridge. My Dusty crossed the Bridge in July 2009 to lymphoma--an aggressive and unusual form. He was gone within 3 months of his diagnosis and I still miss him something fierce. It's never easy, but time really does heal.

Thinking of you, your family and your precious Noortje, especially at this most difficult time.

mari (mom to Angels Dusty, Rocky and Shady)little angel

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