Goodnight, sweet princess - I can't beleive the day has come

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Velcro (In- Loving- Memory)

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Purred: Mon Aug 22, '11 8:36pm PST 
I didn't think I'd be writing this any time soon; well, I hoped not. My fiance and I are absolutely torn to shreds over this, and he rarely cries ever, but he said "this is the worst feeling ever".

Despite everything we've done, Velcro began declining. Slowly at first, it was "just" her feline herpes getting worse. But she was eating and drinking and enjoying being on our lap just fine. She stopped playing a lot though. Antibiotics have done nothing in the long run except give her some tummy problems and clear up symptoms for a week, before they returned. Since there is no cure for feline herpes, we tried her on antibiotics for months at different times with no luck. Then came the past two days. We rushed her to the vet. The prognosis was really bad, and her quality of life even after everything was going to be very poor. She was spiraling down and not stopping, secondary infections despite being only indoors and not exposed to other cats. A tumor/abcess that was likely to spread, developed gum disease this year (she always had bad gums, we gave RMB's and the dental treats the veterinarian suggested, anesthetic is always really risky with her), signs of feline leukemia or cancer. That day she was really insistent about getting outside, we think she was trying to go off and die somewhere. Because she was never that desperate to try and get out since the vets were able to spay her. We had to make the most humane decision, given that her quality of life was going to be so poor and that it was now.

She was estimated to be around 8 - 11 years of age now. I noticed though on her profile I put her birthdate as the day we found her, because at the time I thought she was under 6 months old. Later her regular vet told us she was approximately 2 - 4 years, or even 5 based on her teeth, but that she could have even been older, but "definitely not younger than 2 years".

Velcro found us, she followed my fiance to a friends' house. She was tiny because she was so malnourished; unvaccinated, intact, no microchip. With the help of a wonderful woman here, we fixed all that. But then we found out she had feline herpes, and that odds are she would definitely not live the average lifespan of a normal, healthy cat. But we tried. We gave high quality foods, lysine, lots of TLC and vet care. We loved her like a member of the family. Once fixed she became a wonderful little cat, so loving despite being dumped by some heartless human, she learned to love humans again. She also learned how to play with cat toys and for the first few years really enjoyed them.

It was the hardest thing to do, but we stayed with her when they gave her the injection. She did not struggle or protest at all (not normal for her at a vet's office). She affectionately head-butted my hand as I rubbed the side of her cheek as she went, I didn't stop petting and talking soothingly to her until she stopped breathing. I just couldn't let her die alone or with strangers, even though it destroyed us both to watch her go.


go getter kitter
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hug I remember seeing all your posts, and how much you have done for Velcro. And you were kind enough to do the right thing now also. But I know it's hard, and nothing makes it much better. At least feel good that you made her life better in all respects, and thanks to you she knew what being loved felt like. Velcro is now at the Bridge with our dear old BooBoo and all the other kitties there...

Velcro (In- Loving- Memory)

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Purred: Mon Aug 22, '11 8:54pm PST 
Thank you Pandora (love the name by the way), I'm sorry to hear about your BooBoo as well. When we first got Velcro we had a lot of people telling us "she's going to be miserable all the time, you should have her put to sleep" and I was so conflicted. I'd never been put in that situation before (I have a lot more experience with rescued animals in general now). But I'm glad we didn't let her go then, she would have never known love. Sure she had her bad days, but most of her days were good. Up until very recent even the nose problems didn't seem to bother her THAT much because she had access to a nice humid and warmer room when the nose was having stuffy issues. I just feel horrible that we couldn't do more. We would literally go into financial ruin for her, but it wouldn't have even done the good we needed it to, and that's what kills me the most; love and sometimes no matter how much money you put into can't save an animal all the time. That hurts so bad.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Mon Aug 22, '11 8:56pm PST 
I too remember that. I'm so very sorry for your loss of sweet Velcro! You were wonderful parents and she couldn't have asked for a better home with so much love. hug

Casey - Forever- Loved RIP

The Year of the- Casey Cat!
Purred: Mon Aug 22, '11 10:11pm PST 
Having just said good bye to Casey I feel for you. What a wonderful commitment you made taking in this lost baby. Velcro found good, loving and caring people when she found you. You've given her love and peace -- two special gifts. May you find comfort in your heart knowing you did the right thing. hug

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Reuben (An- angel now)

Forever an Angel
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So sorry for the loss of your sweet Velcro. I hope you will find comfort in knowing how much Velcro loved you and always will. It's never easy and the pain can be overwhelming at times but know you are never alone in those feelings. Velcro and all the Bridge angels will guide you each day. Bless you for caring for and loving your sweet Princess.

little angelrainbowlittle angelrainbowlittle angel


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So sorry for your loss of little Velcro. She knew LOVE, many kits in her position would not have been given that chance, you were wonderful parents to her, never foget that and she will remember too.hug

She is flying free at the bridge now with all her friends who have gone before, free of all pain and suffering and whole once more, RIP Velcro.little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

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Safe Journey sweet little one

Velcro (In- Loving- Memory)

Fix one save- 1,000 please- spay/neuter!
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Thank you guys. It's really eating at me that we couldn't afford a private cremation right now (around $200), because we have to save the money we have for other potential pet emergencies, it wouldn't be wise to put that on the credit card I'm paying off right now, and there's no one I know I could borrow that kind of money from (everyone I know is either pretty poor or won't help out others in the case of family). We literally only have one option around here, and other places I've looked charge the same or more. I know it's a "silly human thing"; the animal doesn't care. But I'm human obviously, so I have that guilt. I wasn't able to find a rosebush either to bury over her so much, so we went with another really hardy plant (but I forgot that with roses, you get a "start" from those to take with you, so you it's like you can still bring a part of them with you when you move). frown

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Knead softly &- carry a big purr
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Many other shrubs can give a cutting to take somewhere, so don't despair on that one. It is indeed so hard to let them go, but I always look at it as the ultimate gift of love, to let them go in peace. Know that she had so much love from you, and had a wonderful life because of you. You now have your own guardian angel to sit on your shoulder, and I hope that you too will have some peace. purrs to you & your family. fly free little Velcro little angelhughug

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