Saying Good Journey to Casey

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Jackson - 9/2007-5/201- 1

Missed so much
Purred: Thu Sep 1, '11 8:10am PST 
Casey may not appear to you in a dream at all! There are many other ways a kitty that has made the journey to the rainbow bridge will let you know they are still “there” with you. Exactly one week after Jackson passed I was at work (of all places!) sitting with a client when I felt a light pressure on my left shoulder, when I turned my head I heard a very, very soft purring sound. There was no one else in the room. I must have looked like I had seen a “ghost” because my client asked me if I was ok! For the next several days I was unsure of what I had experienced. Embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, but really wanting to, I finally told my mom (my mom still has to love me even if she thought I was crazy, LOL!). My mom told me that for a week after her cat, Shadow, passed she and my dad would “feel” him jump up on their bed at night (they had no other pets at the time).

I was so intrigued by my experience and what my mom told me, I finally gained enough nerve to ask others if they had experienced anything similar and I found that so many people had also experienced a feeling that their beloved pet was still with them. Some people say they will see their pet out of the corner of their eye but when they look in that direction, he/she is gone. Others say they just get a very peaceful, happy feeling that washes over them immediately followed by a memory of their lost loved one. Some kitties (and doggies) appear to their pawrents every day! Then, some may never appear at all. My beloved angel dog, Lucky , has never given me any kind of sign, but still, I know in my heart she is there at the bridge, waiting patiently for the day we can be together again. I’ve not had any other “visits” from Jackson yet, but I think of him every day, so in that regard, he is with me all the time.

Casey will always be with you! Whether or not she visits you in a physical sense or appears in a dream, she is most definitely with you, watching over you and plays with the other kitties at the bridge until one day (hopefully in the far, far future!) you will be reunited with her.

Velcro (In- Loving- Memory)

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Purred: Thu Sep 1, '11 9:46pm PST 
I'm so sorry you have to say goodbye to your Casey. She knew how much she was loved.

Tasha (In- Loving- Memory)

She is missed so- very much.
Purred: Fri Sep 2, '11 11:50pm PST 
We all feel your loss of Casey. It hurts so much and is hard to explain to those who don't have pets. I am hopeful that Casey is at the bridge with our pets who have passed. I am so sorry!

Casey - Forever- Loved RIP

The Year of the- Casey Cat!
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Thank you Tasha. rainbow


Princess Forever
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Casey will always be with you...in your heart and memories. Know that Casey has many friends at the Bridge and now will be your guardian angel.....Our sympathies.....Natasha and Alex..

Tonka - R.I.P.

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Purred: Sun Sep 11, '11 4:46pm PST 
Jackson - When Tonka left me, I wanted a confirmation that he was OK and that he was happy, something to let me know that I made the right choice and that he forgave me.

It did not come in the way I wanted or expected it to (I prayed for a dream) - but the day after we buried Tonka, I was in the store and this song came on the radio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VzmOCcopB4&feature=youtu.be ~ and it just struck me. It was perfect.

Sometimes, I hear him jump down from the windowsill. I sometimes see him out of the corner of my eye, sitting on my bed. I do believe they stay with us as guardian angels. I do not believe our suffering is eternal - we will see each other again. I believe in Heaven - and would it really be Paradise if our pets were not there with us?

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Casey - Forever- Loved RIP

The Year of the- Casey Cat!
Purred: Thu Sep 15, '11 10:29pm PST 
This morning I thought Casey nudged the bathroom door. She would do that once I was in there in the early morning.


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Purred: Wed Sep 21, '11 6:51pm PST 
She probably did - she chose something that only you would know to let you know that she is with you, watching over you. To me things like this are comforting, and allows you to stay connected with your lost kitty.hug

Casey - Forever- Loved RIP

The Year of the- Casey Cat!
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I wrote this for Lucy, one of dogster's beloved pup but i apply my thoughts to all our loved ones:

It's hard for us humans to let go especially when they are letting go of something so precious; so loyal and so easy to love. Our pets give so much to us and they fill so much space in our hearts. Letting go when it's time is the least we can do no matter how much it hurts.

Jackson I'm still hoping for a sign from Casey. I did have a dream a few nights ago where I saw a black cat moving away from me. She was very thin and even though I love remembering Casey when she was healthy and strong I couldn't help but believe it was her in my dream. I called out her name twice unsure that it was her and then I woke up with tears in my eyes.

I still miss her. I always look at her empty chair thinking she will be there. cry

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Please go and read my latest diary entry. Maybe it will help you as well: Poem.

Also, I don't know if you've ever read my grief page on my website: http://ibdkitties.net/Grieving.html. It's so very hard and it will last a long time, maybe always. Believe me, we know.

Sending you all hugs and furry whisker kisses.
Alex & her mommy

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