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Hope for getting through Grief

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Sun Jun 12, '11 1:02pm PST 
I have been flying around talking to grieving families whose cherished kitties have gone to the Bridge. So many of our humans left behind are stuck in their grief and can't seem to get through it,(our mom included.)

Our mom found a very interesting quote about grief. Here it is.

"Grief will either be a coffin or a cocoon, the coffin epitaph will read: died at thirty, buried at seventy. But if it's a cocoon, someday a new creation will emerge, far more beautiful than any broken person ever dreamed of becoming."

-author unknown.

I hope it will turn into a cocoon for our mom, and for all the other grieving families out there who just don't know how to go on.hug

Miss- Elizabeth- Bennett

Looking for Mr.- Darcy
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 10:44am PST 
Angel: Thanks for sharing that. Our meowmy lost four kitties (and everything she owned) in Hurricane Katrina. She now has us, her "Katrina Kitties" as she calls us. She grieved for a long time, felt guilty that she left the cats (she had to take care of her 84 year old stepmother). Naturally nobody thought the storm would be as bad as it was. She says we helped her to heal, and also the fact that the ASPCA put up a monument in a local cemetary to all the pets lost in that terrible storm. The number is estimated in the high six figures.

She said she did not try to replace her lost kittens, but open her heart to cats and kittens who needed homes.

The love and support she has gotten from the CATSTER community has helped her SO much, everyone here understands the hurt of loosing a beloved pet.

The New Orleans Kitties

P.S. She says I was sent to her by her kitten Alice, I behave so much like her.

Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 11:08am PST 
That was a terrible tragedy your meowmy experienced. So glad she was able to move forward and open her heart to you and your new family. You are so right, the Catster community is a life saver. Our mom wouldn't have made it if not for the love and support she received here when we were killed.

Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 4:42pm PST 
Both of you have stories that are true tragedies, my mom could hardly believe it when she read them!! She has so much admiration and respect for your moms, for coming back from that determined to still help other kitties whenever possible, and we've seen you do that consistently on Catster. It speaks to the great capacity for love in their hearts, and, truly, they are heroes to mommy & me!!! Luv, Tinkkitty

Weeble - Kitten Angel

I may wobble,- but I never fall- down!
Purred: Tue Jun 14, '11 5:23pm PST 
Tink, you lifted our mom's spirit with your kind, compassionate words. Our mom can't even express how much they mean to her. Thank you, friend.hug