Goodbye to my darling stitch

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

stitch (at- the rainbow- bridge)

Purred: Wed Apr 13, '11 11:48am PST 
My darling stitch was helped to leave this morning. I have spent 7 months battling with her problems but it became too much for her this morning. When I woke she was making a little groaning noise and was struggling to breathe. I held her paw and stroked her gently as the vet gave her the injection. Luckily she was gone in a couple of seconds. The vet was very kind and I was grateful for the gentle way she held stitch and stroked her till the end. I am devastated and feel so guilty. I feel like she trusted me and I have let her down. She was only 14months old and although she has had 7 more months of life than the vets thought but after months of nursing her and her spending most of her time with me she is a friend who will be desparately missed. Farewell my baby i'm so sorry I couldn't save you but I hope you will be at peace now xx

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So sorry for your loss and know you did more for sweet Stitch than most ever would. You gave her such unconditional love and for that she will always be grateful. Please accept our sincere condolences and may all the wonderful memories you have warm your heart in times of sadness. Fly free sweet one!

Hugs and purrs,
Simon & Reuben(an angel)
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Oh, sorry we missed this one, but Mom wasn't herself during this time, 'cause she had to help me to the Bridge, too.

You DID save Stitch. Although your time together was much too short, you cared for her through her illness far beyond what many would have, gave her a home and gave her the LOVE that she wouldn't have had if you hadn't chosen her. Be at peace.

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Kitty cuddles for Stitch's Mom ... hughughughug
Love ya, Stitch! Meet you at the Bridge!

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Safe Journey little one

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Purred: Sun May 15, '11 1:55pm PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful Maine Coon, and you were the perfect meowmy to her; she couldn't have had anymore more caring.

I will be waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.


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Such a short time to be together....perhaps next time, Stitch can live longer and give you more events to remember. Our sympathies....Natasha and Alex

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Please know that I am welcoming Stitch here at the Bridge. You did all you could. Some of us go to the Bridge very early, like me. Please come read my page, and you will know that you are not alone in feeling your grief, regrets and guilt. Be kind to yourself for all that you did do for Stitch.hug