wings for alley

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

alley cat- angel

Miss Alley girl- girl
Purred: Wed Nov 24, '10 7:27pm PST 
I see so many of the agnel kitties have wings, I would like to give my alley some wings but i don't know how can anyone help. I posted about her so you may have read her story already.
She went to the rainbow bridge last month after a battle with what the vet said was "dry FIP" we fought it just in case they were wrong but then her liver started to fail and they said it would really be painful for her I didn't PTS (tears again) I wanted to scream NO I changed my mind as they put the needle in. She assist fed so good but wasn't gaining any of her weight back. She wanted to stay close the me when I came home from work, I wish now I had not made her spend so much time at the vet. Sorry for the long post but I do want to get her some wingg.cry

Nigel ~Angel- DB #41b

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Purred: Thu Nov 25, '10 12:18am PST 
We are so very sorry to hear about Alley's passing. hug I just passed away last month too, on the 22nd. Mom and dad made an appointment for me to be put to sleep on the 23rd, but I decided that I wanted to go out my own way. I passed away in my mom's arms the night before the appointment.
Our good furiends Willow and furmily (The Cornish Crew) from the UK make beautiful wings. They made my wings on my page. I am sure they will make some for you. Here is a link to Willow's Page. There is also a group called A Team that you can join and ask for some wings.

We send our sincere condolences on your loss of Alley.hug

Purrs & Love,
Angel Nigel, Isis, Gimli, Tabi, Charlie & K.C.

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alley cat- angel

Miss Alley girl- girl
Purred: Thu Nov 25, '10 9:35am PST 
Thanks Nigel I will check here for wings for Alley yours are so beautiful as are you sweetie. I know your mom and dad miss you I am glad to hear you were home with them before you left for the bridge. I see you have lots of kitty family I am sure they are much comfort to your mom and dad. I have here with me three of Alley's litter mates and her two house mates I had before I took in "Ivey's bunch" (their story is on the resuce forum)and everybody is very loving giving lots of head butts and staying close to me even tring to help me type now. I know alley is glad they are here for me, please say Hi to her for me and give her a head bunk from me.