Weep Not For Me

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 9:33am PST 
I found this poem I had printed out when my kitty Patches passed away. I took in Alex 2 weeks later as her owner (our tenant) also passed from cancer. It was meant to be. Anyways, I wanted to share this poem it's so beautiful. I hope it helps anyone who's experiencing a loss and having a hard time.

Weep not for me though I am gone, into that gentle night
Grieve if you will but not for long, upon my soul's sweet flight
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears
For with your love I was blessed, for all those many years
There is no pain, I suffer not
The fear now all is gone
Put now these things out of your thoughts
In your memory I live on
Remember not my fight for breath, remember not my strife
Please do not dwell upon my death, but celebrate my life
By Constance Jenkinslittle angel

Weeble - Kitten Angel

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Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 10:26am PST 
thanks for sharing that poem, Alex. Our mom is having a hard time this month - on Oct. 22, it will be one year that the 5 of us (the whole litter) were killed at the shelter mom was fostering us from. Mom was just crying again this morning about it. It is very hard for her to deal with.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 12:30pm PST 
oh my gosh Weeble. How sad! Tell your mom she can come here and talk with any of us at any time. My momma knows how much it will always hurt. This past July was 2 years for me and it was still very tough. We're so sorry that happened, how terrible! I hope she knows you'll always be with her.little angel


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 2:04pm PST 
How beautiful - thanks for sharing.



Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 6:59pm PST 
Yes, that is a lovely poem. Constance Jenkins writes beautiful poems. Thank you, Alex, for sharing.

Purrs and Peace,

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Wed Oct 6, '10 7:42pm PST 
You're very welcome everyone. She does write lovely doesn't she? I thought this was too beautiful to keep to myself. Glad you all like it. hug


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Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 2:45pm PST 
Alex once again, you come to my rescue. I just lost my dear aunt about amonth ago from cancer. I watched her go that night, and it is that image that I try to forget. Your poem, evn though meant for kitties, really helped me feel better.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 3:08pm PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss Smithwick's momma! death is so darned hard on the living.


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Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 3:17pm PST 
Mom copied the poem to a file she keeps for poetry and inspirational articles.


Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Fri Oct 15, '10 4:51pm PST 
You're very welcome Charley! It really is a beautiful poem and we do the same thing. We collect inspirational quotes and sayings and stuff.little angel