Any way for Catster to answer emails?

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Kitty- "2004-2010- always- loved"

Queen Kitty- Ruler of the- Beanie Babies
Purred: Sun Feb 2, '14 7:27pm PST 
This is email #17 account related and I have got no replies at all..
I know the community is closing soon but what a way to treat your customers frown (And anyone who has the authority to check will know I was a Catster plus member and will see how many years I was one for)
Thanks a lot Say Media frown


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Feb 3, '14 3:48am PST 
Try sending a paw mail to one of the moderators. If that doesn't work, I got more options for you to try. way to go

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Mon Feb 3, '14 8:06am PST 
The moderators have no control over this; and we cannot reach Say Media either. The Catster HQ as we knew it (fun, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help members) is long gone -- those people have been let go. You're now dealing with Say Media. I've tried contacting HQ for you in our usual way but it seems all those choices have been disconnected. The only thing I find available is to go to the Say Media Facebook page. There are a number of Catster members posting their comments.

Kitty, please check the Catster forums for alternate cat community websites. As of this time it looks like Catster members will be scattered across the web. But we need to find each other and stay together. We don't want to loose you. Pmail me if you need to talk.

Catster Moderator Since the Beginning


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Mon Feb 3, '14 4:05pm PST 
Here is a bunch of people you can start with, I do know, Ted, is working on trying to get Catster back, or something to that effect. There is another man, David Paul, I believe, who is also working on trying to get Catster, **he** wants, comments, and being that is a "professional" person, probably has more power, per say, to contact Say.

I would start with Dr Eric Bacharus DVM, he should not be hard to find.

There is information all thru here, on who to contact, someone has put it all in a post, somewhere in here, I will try to find it for you.

Here is some information, investors are the biggies.


If your concerned about getting your money back, they said early on, money would be refunded, they aren't worried about the little (to them, mol) money we paid for Plus Memberships.

If its something else, please paw mail me, Cowboy knows how to deal with companies, get information, and what he wants, he has done it many a times.

If your looking for another board to go to, just like Catster used to be, as Aragorn said, we have 2 right now, and a very lot of Catster and Dogster people are already there, please pawmail me, and I will send you the link.

Without knowing, what your issues or concerns are, its kinda hard, to send you in the correct direction. waveway to go

Here is some more information.

http://www.catster.com/forums/Tips_Tricks_and_Help_On_Catstercom /thread/798248

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Watch Cat

Your Friendly- Neighborhood- Watch Cat
Purred: Tue Feb 4, '14 4:15pm PST 
Kitty- "2004-2010- always- loved" (& other Furs still waiting for an answer from Customer Support):

I replied to the original e-mail you sent on January 17. The reason it took so long to get to you is because there were several hundred e-mails in front of you. The e-mail barrage began on the 16th when the announcement first went out; escalated on the 17th; and continued through the weekend.

Despite sending out hundreds of replies, refunds, answering questions in the column comments, and posting numerous updates in the All Points Bulletin BOLO (be on the lookout) thread, it simply was not possible to keep up with the volume. It took over a week to get the unread folder to stay below 500 emails. It took over 2 weeks to get the unread folder to fall below 200. Three weeks past the announcement, I am getting close to being within a one-week response time.

Customer Support e-mails are also having to be read in a front end / back end style. Under normal conditions, you read primarily from the back end, the oldest mails first, but when you are that buried in e-mails, you have to spend time on the front end, as well, to make sure new issues haven't surfaced.

Our policy since day one has been to respond to every, single e-mail unless the "no response required" option has been selected. We do our best to respond within 72 hours, but when you get 1000 e-mails within a few days, normal response time simply isn't possible.

So take heart, if you wrote to us, you'll get an answer. How soon? My best guess is that by the end of the week I'll have response time down to within a week.

-watch cat-

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Watch Cat

Your Friendly- Neighborhood- Watch Cat
Purred: Tue Feb 4, '14 6:23pm PST 
Aragorn (In- Memory),

Just wanted to let you know that the original Community Team has not been let go yet. We'll be here through the March 3rd sunset date. What makes it seem as though we're already gone is that we're not able to get to things as quickly, because of the high volume of mails and forum activity related to the sunset.

So we're not gone yet, just slower due to the increased work load.

-watch cat-

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