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Sad News Today **Catster and Dogster Communities Closing**

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Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 12:34pm PST 
It is with a heavy heart that I tell all of you that SAY Media has announced the closing of the Community areas of Dogster and Catster.

The sites will remain online until March 3rd.

In the meantime, join us in the All Paws Bulletin Group, hosted by HQ, to get help retrieving items from your Pet Pages and to celebrate the wonderful times we had together as a Community.

I’m so grateful to have known all of you. I’m a better person and caregiver to my pets because of you.


Mike ~- married to- Lady Dolly

Diabetic kitty- in remission!
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 1:26pm PST 
My family and I just joined Catster in December, after hearing the news that our longtime home on Cat would be closing down early in March. At first we thought someone heard the talk about CC and got confused about the site involved, but sadly it appears that what we hoped would be our new home will also be closing down at the same time. We are stunned.

There are a couple of other sites we've tried out and started accounts on, and YouPet, but we have been finding that Catster felt the most like home. During the past few weeks we have felt very welcome here and were looking forward to knowing some of you great Catster kitties better and becoming part of this community. Many of our long-time furriends are also just getting established in preparation for losing our beloved CC, and now we will have to move on once again.

When the shock has settled in (a shock that we remember well from just over a month ago and believe me we really feel for you all), some of you might want to investigate these sites to see if you might find a new home on one of them where you can carry on your cherished friendships. -- Hugs and purrs, Mike and the family



Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 1:46pm PST 
If anyone needs a hug, FREE Big Hugz are in the Catster Gift Store

big hug


Super- freakey----MEOW!
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 2:05pm PST 
Oh NO! Will they keep their facebook page open?


Queen of the- Cheetahs and- Wiggy's Wife!
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 3:36pm PST 
Oh no. This is as if all of our friends are passing to the bridge at one time.



Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 3:37pm PST 
Dogster and Catster Magazine, along with Breed information, and all social platforms will stay open.

way to go


Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 4:02pm PST 
Cow, forgive my ignorance, but what are "Social Platforms??" If it's not the forums, how is it going to help us communicate and get the info we need? How is it going to help us get the interaction we need?


I AM the- Princess of- Everything!
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 4:16pm PST 
From all of my furry kids, we will miss you all. Please stay safe, and thank you all for the wonderful times we had here! wave


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 4:19pm PST 
Our pages are disappearing, too?? Wow.


Purred: Thu Jan 16, '14 4:36pm PST 
Oh No! This is so sad. I kept telling my mommy that she needed to get on here and update our info before it was too late and now look- its too late. I know me and Max haven't been on here in forever, with my mommy being so busy all the time but it really was fun when we were active all the time. Good luck to everyone and all my Freinds. I guess mommy will make us some facebook pages and play on those. Look for us there!

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