You Guys Are Amazing!! (Tiny, Squint, Autumn & Fuzz)

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Tiny Dancer

"I am kitty,- hear me roar . .- ."
Purred: Wed Apr 4, '12 12:15pm PST 
What I love about Catster is that there are true, blue people here that really, truly and authentically care about others in distress about their cats.

I want to thank all those who have offered support, gave donations to the shelter in the name of my cats... that's a big one - they are still awaiting adoption - and my gratefulness and thankfulness, joy and comfort from Catster people is none that I ever remember experiencing in my life.

Thank you deeply,

Tiny Dancer, Fuzz Black-Toe, Squint-Delicious, and Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws (and Julie O')

p.s. I'll be offline starting tomorrow afternoon for maybe a week because of my move into the smaller place.

I love you guys!

Elsa: Dream- Girl #31- Angel

Miss Elsa The- Lionness!
Purred: Tue Apr 17, '12 3:04pm PST 
Hi Julie, and Tiny, Autumn, Squint and Fuzz! You are right! Catster friends really do make you feel like you've never felt before! We all loved sending you a little bit of cheer!
Love Elsa, Ginger, Tyson, Tabatha, Felix, Serena, Samantha & Georgina xo (and that's just one family out of dozens who care for you!)

Tabico- (Adopted)

Wild Girl
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '12 5:45pm PST 
Sending love, hugs, and purrs!
Tabi & Family