White Star Whitester day 2012

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Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Wed Feb 1, '12 8:04pm PST 
I want to give a special thank you to Blizzard for choosing me!! I NEVER thought I'd get one of these. I'm so honored I can't even tell you! This is a really big deal to me! I've seen them on other kitties' pages and really liked them, but never thought I would get one. It's SO cool!! And I'm so glad Spot gave it to Ingen too.

Now Snow is in the Pure White Kitty Club!! A year ago we never thought we'd have a kitten now either!! One whole year with Catster!

Thanks again for the award - I will hold it close in my heart. Luv, Tink kitty

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