Question about Friends

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A bit of- sweetness
Purred: Fri Oct 28, '11 6:51am PST 
I have been wunnering about this for a while: If we find a cat or family of cats that we would like to have fur friends, how do we know if they are already friends wif us? (cause we have so many we furget!)

When sending a friend request, it asks if this cat is already a friend click here?....but if they were why would we be sending anofur request?? So if we send it, and they are already our friends, do they get added again? The number of friends that we have always goes up when it's been accepted though.

Do I have you furs confused? thinking

Also, I wish there was a way to see if they are already our friends without searching through our endless list of friends to find them.

Can any fur make this easier fur me, maybe I am missing something! shrug


B the change U- want to C in the- world
Purred: Fri Oct 28, '11 8:37am PST 
If you have sent a friend request to the cat family before, even if only to one of the cats in the family, it will show you in red at the top of the paragraph along with the date it was sent.

Since my friends get new cat siblings all the time, I check the "already friends" and send the request to the new family member.


A bit of- sweetness
Purred: Fri Oct 28, '11 8:53am PST 
Thank you Backstep, I've never noticed a phrase like that in red before. Maybe I've never requested to someone who is already my friend!