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ZIG Dreamboat in Training #22

Purring Machine
Purred: Fri Oct 29, '10 8:46pm PST 
wavebig grinOh wow, an' MILO will u luk'z at dat, furbro?!shockshockbig grinbig grin I gotted third pwace on scariest! Whooooa, dat iz so kewl! cheercheerCONCATS EFURYFUR, DIS WAS FUN!!!cheercheerhamster dancehappy dance


Purrdie,- Until we- meet again.

Miss- fluffy- pants.
Purred: Sat Oct 30, '10 2:17am PST 
OH MY CATNESS!!!!! shockshockshock
Two second places.
Thank you all so very much, we really enjoy doing this sort of thing and to be placed second, twice is just great.

hughughug for Annabelle and her mum for doing such a great job.

Concats to all of the other winners.


Little dark one.
Purred: Sat Oct 30, '10 2:21am PST 
red facered facered face

I have never won anything before.
Thank you so much for choosing me as first in the Best overall category.
I had great fun taking part.
Thank you so much Annabelle and your mum for organising this great contest.

Congratulations to all of the other winners, in my eyes we are all winners though, I thought that all of the entries were great.


Supervisor cat - is not amused.
Purred: Sun Oct 31, '10 12:05am PST 
red face Aww Im so glad everyfur had such a good time. Maybe next year it will be even more pawpular!

Misty and I both had great fun working together and doing this for all of you.

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