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Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Purred: Mon Apr 26, '10 7:49pm PST 
Congratulations!!! happy dancedancingapplausehappy dancedancingapplausehappy dancedancingapplause
I bet the best part for Bear was the roasted chicken! winklaugh out loud


CFA Regional- Winner 2009-2010
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 10:35am PST 
Hi! I missed you soooo badly, guys!!!!!!

Mentioning red tabby persian in premiership - which region do you show?

Regarding show bath - ohhhhh, I guess now I can write a book on it and will certainly enjoy it. Hope you will not mind if later I try to write a short manual on show bath for LH kitties - if not you maybe someone else could use itsmile

I am soooo glad the season is over and I can enjoy spending time with you, guys!!!!!


CFA Regional- Winner 2009-2010
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 12:03pm PST 
Bear, congratulations on a great show! I hope it will be start of his wonderful show carreer!

Don't get distracted and too relaxed by judges saying the cat was groomed to perfection. I heard it sooooo many times, and there was always room for improvementsmile. I went on with experimenting and I'm far from being done yet, doesn't matter how great my cats look in show rings and how many compliments I get and how many experienced breeders ask me what I use.

Wanted to write a long post but decided it will be then too longsmile, so I'll at least try to keep it short.

All cats coats are different and what works on one may not work on another. The only way to find out what works best for your cat is to experiment.

In my opinion the most important part in quality of cat's coat is his diet and lifestyle. Greasy coats are often result of wrong diet, too much oils in it etc.

As we all know first stem is degreasing. I tried the following degreasers: Goop (from automobile section in Wallmart, NOT groomers Goop which I didn't like at all), Dawn (you mentioned), Davis degreasing shampoo, Jerob pre-cleaning cream, OrvusWA paste (Procter and Gamble).

The best degreaser in my "book" is Goop following or mixed with Dawn - it does excellent job but it dries out ends especially on cottony coats and especially if used often. So I use Goop on greasierst areas like behind ears, ruff, underarms, tail but on their necks and backs I use other degreasers. Actually love Davis and Orvus, not crazy about Jerob.

If I really need to degrease the cat I add some water to Goop, microwave it for around 30-40 sec., put it on a cat's coat, wrap him in a towel and wait for around 10 minutes. Then goes all this rinse-rinse-rinse, pure undiluted Dawn etc.

If a cat's coat gets a little dry, I do hot oil treatments and conditioning baths.

I tried Eqyss shampoos (Premier and Microteck) and they just didn't work on my cats. I liked Fantasia Tea Tree human shampoo (white-orange bottle) and Chris Christensen Clean Start (I think I got the name right) shampoo for shows.

I also use Chris Christensen "Thick and Thicker" and "Cream rinse".

Also, I use Davis volumizer to make coat look fluffier - it works!

I never use conditioner in show bath.

Sometimes I use spray for static - in a small spray bottle I pour pet antistatic (1/4), Joico leave-in conditioner Integrity (1/4) and the rest is Evian water. I spray it on the comb, rarely I use brush, and then I lightly go through a coat.

I use Metro blowdryer and with persians I wouldn't be able to live without it.

This was as short as could manage, LOL, there are tons of details "behind the curtains"smile.


I'm a stud!
Purred: Fri May 7, '10 3:54am PST 
Well, the good news and the bad news...and let's concentrate on the former. Harvard and Lowell, my two 8 month old neutered boys, became Premiers at the latest CFA show...because neither had any competition in their color class as Opens (and if this doesn't make any sense to you but you want to know what it means, search the Cat Fanciers' Association Website). Their sister Radcliffe (yeah, I know it's stupid, but you can spend an entire career as a breeder using Harvard-related names) became a Champion because she is not spayed (otherwise, she would have been a Premier too). Lowell is actually a pretty good cat, the kind who wants to play on the judging stand for as long as possible, has beautiful, wide-set eyes, a nice muzzle, and a broad chest--but it's Harvard, who is smaller, has shortish fur (my line sometimes is fuzzy, sometimes not), is miles away from my other cats intelligence-wise, has beautiful round eyes (Maine Coons really should NOT have round eyes, but his eyes make everyone ooh and aah over him), and is a beautiful, dark, Irish setter red with gorgeous classic tabby markings. Can't figure out how he got the markings, since his father, Umesaburo, has his good points, but his tabby markings are not among them. Anyway, everyone is now registered and has a "degree," so to speak, but the problem is that now I don't want to sell them. I am overwhelmed by cats.


Regional Winner!
Purred: Thu Oct 28, '10 5:42pm PST 
Just thought I'd congratulate my kitties and give myself a pat on the back. Harvard became a Grand Premier in three shows (four if you count the show in which he entered as an Open and became a Premier). Lowell got 40 points toward his GP in his first show as a Premier, and may become a GP in the next show (this weekend) or the next. Yipee!!! Harvey took three months to Grand...Speed Granding! I like it!

By the way, the photographer Helmi Flick is coming to Japan next month. This is the first time she's ever come to a CFA show in Japan. I'm thinking of having her photograph Leila, since I don't have any really good photos of her (she always gets nervous). Helmi Flick and Tetsu Yamazaki use backlighting in their shots--very nice.

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