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"Tango" - The- Man...RIP- 2014

Dog mother! Dog- family!- Yep...I'm a dog!
Purred: Tue May 10, '05 6:58pm PST 
Hey everyone! I love making new friends and thought this would be just the place! My name is Tango and I live with two dogs, and a bird! Sophie, the Rapper Dog is my surrogate mother! ChaCha, the Comedian is my sister! I feel like a dog most of the time, so that's not the problem! The problem is living with two females!!! It's a good thing that I have my freedom and I can come and go as I please! Otherwise...I just may lose my mind! Jump in and tell me about yourself and where you are from! I'm a North Carolina cat! Nothing could be finer, than to be in Carolina!


Miss Bailey,- Attorney at Law
Purred: Tue May 10, '05 10:21pm PST 
Hi there! I am a Reno, Nevada kitty cat. I live with my puppy, Lily. I used to live with my doggie, Zero, but he got sick and went to doggy heaven. So, now I play with Lily all day... we bite eachother and chase eachother around. I also like to lick her face, as if she were my kitten... mmmm.... puppy eye boogers... so so tasty!

Before I moved in with mommy I was a feral kitty. Mom used to work at a Vet clinic and this lady brought 7 feral cats in there to board, until she could find homes for them. The lady convinced mommy to take me home because she thought I was a kitten (I weighed 2 lbs.), and I looked pretty sick, and needed a lot of attention to make me all better. So, the vet's checked me out and they found out that I was NOT a kitten, but rather a year old. I had been so malnurished living on the streets for a year that I hadn't really grown at all. I also had an icky eye infection and an upper respiratory infection. So mom gave me all these icky medicines and fed me lots of good food. She took me home and I wouldn't come out from under the bed, except for at night, for months and months. Then we moved, and mom took her bed off the frame, so I couldn't hide under there anymore! Darn! Then, my best friend, Zero, got cancer and passed away, so I had nobody to cuddle with anymore. So, I decided to fnaaly be nice to mom. So, after living with mom for a year, I finally came up to her all by myself, and now I just LOVE my mommy and want to cuddle with her all the time!! I have also grown A LOT!


Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 8:46am PST 
Hi Selket, Jacques and Tango and all you other adorables! What's doing with you guys? We just logged on to see what's the news? But I guess no news is good news? Mommy is really upset because she recieved an email from a friend of hers who sent her a petition of how they are treating farm Animals in Australia, and sending them off to places like Egypt who mistreat their animals. She saw the video that was attached to this email and it made her cry. It is so, so sad, you would not believe. We are very, very lucky to be so well loved and respected by our humans, don't you think? Esp. when you see atrosities like this. Let us know what you think on this subject. Thanks!

"Tango" - The- Man...RIP- 2014

Dog mother! Dog- family!- Yep...I'm a dog!
Purred: Tue Mar 21, '06 3:20pm PST 
Come on Scooter...We have three votes already! You know "you are".


MERRY CHRISTMAS- from a crazy cat
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 10:01am PST 
We have to be related...
Helping out...
Good thing I didn't have to deal with Kifa.
How's it goin'?


Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 12:46am PST 
We are interrupting this pleasant argument to announce that "The Cat's Meow!" is no longer missing. Catster was sorry for any damage done to The Best thread on Catster.

But if you are reading this, you know that.

Carry on!

--the fiends

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 1:03am PST 
Woo-hoo!!! big grin

Glad to see it back!


Fiend #2.
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 1:07am PST 

*prancing with joy*




Fiend #1.
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 1:13am PST 
There he goes again.
Vijay, will you carry him home...

Meow Meow! Good Morning, Tango!


Fiend #2.
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 1:23am PST 
*waving upside down from Vijay's shoulder*

Good Morning, Tango!
You're the best...

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