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Please vote for Gracie K for Spring 2013 Cover Magazine Model Contest. She is a sweet ragdoll and loved by her family and especially friends of teenager daughter (even the boys-lol). It is a tight contest, she is currently in first place by about 20 votes. Every votes help - thank you - just click link and click vote - takes about 5 seconds. kcheer


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Little Bear

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Please vote for LITTLE BEAR!! Little bear was born with severely deformed legs and its time to put an end to breeding animals for deformities!! Lets vote for Little Bear so that he can be on the cover of the magazine raising awareness!! Please vote for Little Bear.He doesn't have a voice but WE DO! Lets do this for all the animals being bred for deformities. http://www.moderncat.com/cover-contest-entry/little-bear-0

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There is this kitty names Little Bear who we are trying to get votes for on Modern Cat to bring awareness of his deformity which people actually breed to get "Squittens" He is unable to walk like all other kitties and has to walk on his 1st joints. She is trying to get votes so he can also get the surgery to correct this. She has already been to Tufts Vet Hospital which is the best around here in New England. Everyone please help and get this message out. http://www.moderncat.com/cover-contest-entry/little-bear-0