New Mini Competition-Best Photo

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Buster *In- Loving- Memory*

Purred: Thu Nov 1, '07 4:41pm PST 
This is a competition for the best photo. It can have special effects, a border, anything to make it look nice.

The winner wins my last rosette with a special message.

1 entry per cat

Have fun!

Buster *In- Loving- Memory*

Purred: Thu Nov 1, '07 6:23pm PST 
Is this allowed? Oh I hope it is!

One more thing: The first five cats who come on and ask to be judge will be! I am another judge. The judges have to come on a lot.

Miss- Ferguson

Purred: Sat Nov 3, '07 7:13pm PST 
I'll be a judge. I'm on practically 24/7!

Buster *In- Loving- Memory*

Purred: Sun Nov 4, '07 1:50pm PST 
Thank you, I am sure that you will be a great judge!

Does anyone else want to be judge? Does anyone else want to enter?

Remember, the prize is my very last rosette that I have right now!

Please be a judge or enter.

You can be a judge AND enter, but you cann0t enter for yourself.

All of you Catster cats are prrrrr-iffic!

♥- Harry- ♥

Purred: Mon Nov 5, '07 12:16pm PST 
I'll eneter just use the pictures on my page I still don't have more pictures on my daddy still has them on his phonelaugh out loud.

Buster *In- Loving- Memory*

Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 6:04pm PST 
Thank you for entering.

Cleo (The- Queen) RIP

I am the Queen- of the house....
Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 8:50pm PST 
Us too-we will enter-please use the pictures on our page too. Thanks!!!!

Cleo and Mysty


What a handsome- boy!
Purred: Fri Nov 9, '07 9:36pm PST 
i would like to win best photo i'm such a pretty kitty and i love to pose for the camera. (but only if the lighting is right and get my best side please)


Here fishy,- fishy!
Purred: Fri Nov 9, '07 9:37pm PST 
yeah right he's SO pretty everyone thinks he's a girl pick me i'm the pretty one black as the night and lots of cute pics not just pretty ones