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♥ Eddy ♥

Chase me!
Purred: Tue Apr 17, '07 11:11am PST 
Just voted for you Taz, you are at 340!

Are we allowed to vote more than once?

♥ Eddy ♥

Chase me!
Purred: Tue Apr 17, '07 11:12am PST 
wait, its over? i thought it said that the contest ends on the 21st?


Stats Cat
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '07 3:51am PST 
Alexi 9% 517
Angus 6% 323
Bimmer 0% 20
Cal 1% 65
Callie 2% 125
Chester 4% 253
Ella 1% 73
Flynn 1% 45
Igor 1% 30
Kitty 0% 23
Lulu 11% 606
Milk 2% 136
Molasses 0% 12
Mr. Chester Boots 2% 101
Ortlieb 20% 1,150
Princess Sophie 2% 96
Smokey 2% 109
Socks 0% 13
Sophie 6% 349
Spanky 0% 13
Taz 6% 342
Tom 18% 1,052
Twinkle Toes 1% 72
Yuzu 3% 169

It seems to still be going Eddy - because Taz is now on 342.


Bond, James Bond
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '07 11:36am PST 
Actually, the literary cats contest is over. The kitty in the beret with the mustache and interesting name came in first, and a site favorite Tom came in a very very close second. The deadline for submissions for the next contest is Friday, the 20th. Mario is working on a children's alphabet book featuring stuff on cats (what a surprise eh?) and he is looking for a submission using the tough letters of the alphabet. Here is a blurb from the site...

"I'm proud to announce Stuff On My Cats newest project. We've been working in secrecy on a kids cardboard book titled "Stuff On My Cat presents: A is for Alligator". Pretty cool, huh? It's going to be exactly what it sounds like, an ABC book for kids featuring stuff on cats for each letter. So letter B is a book resting on a cat, F is flowers, etc. We've looked through a ton of submissions for clean, clear images that are kid friendly and easily recognizable for children. It's a kids book, after all. Even with all of the submissions we've had there are a few letters which really need to be filled. Know where I'm going with this? I thought so. This week's contest will be letter themed, we've had a few before and they're always hilarious. The only catch this time is you HAVE to use one of the following letters: I, Q, L, R, U, X, Y, Z. Remember, the images have to be simple, clear, clean and appropriate for children. If you get too crazy kids may not get it! X, Y and Z are going to be tricky, so good luck to those people tackling it. "

So there you have it. I don't think I'll have time to wrassle my furlings into having a stack or theme before Friday, but you other catsters have to represent! Let us know if you make the list of finalists so we can vote for youse!

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Stats Cat
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '07 1:47pm PST 
Thanks Bond! big grin

I was fooled because it accepted my vote.


Jack ~My- Angel

Purred: Wed Apr 18, '07 5:40pm PST 
Yeah, it keeps letting you vote. I've never understood that. My mommy is going to send a note to the site owner and suggest they change that.

Mommy has all kinds of stuff to pile on me for this new contest. I thought about hiding, but she's got some really cool stuff so I think I'll play along and see if I make the finals again. We are working on pictures of several of the letters. Keep your paws crossed that I'll make the finals again. Hopefully we'll have a few other Catster kitties there too, even if it makes voting tough for some of our friends.

Stay tuned for more information.


Stats Cat
Purred: Thu Apr 19, '07 6:25am PST 
MOL! You love it really Jack - don't you. laugh out loud

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