Tonkinese EYE ISSUE

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Hi I have a 6 year old female Tonk with some pretty bad eye problems in the past few weeks. Her eye usually just stays closed but when i can see it its red with puss and watery and almost swollen. For the past few months shes had a sort of black/brown mark on her eye and around the mark its slightly brown and it seems to "sit" on her cornea. If you look at it from an angle its slightly sticking out from her eye almost like its something stuck there. Iv brought her to the vet twice now. They give me meds and the redness and swelling goes away but as always the black mark remains. Ill be making a third vet appointment soon but i was wondering if anyone else with a Tonkinese has had these issues im just unsure what to do at this point as vet bills are getting pricey and no improvement has been seen cause it keeps coming back over and over again.