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I may look like- a good girl-but- i ain't!
Purred: Wed Nov 6, '13 6:47pm PST 
Hi, Im Loco, 3 month old Calico Kitten. Im Mikko's new fursib. (Obviously-) I am new to Catster, but Momma isn't. So, well thats it....Just introducing myself!

My story: Well it all started when my Momma was walking, and she saw me. It was getting colder. She wanted to pick me up and hug me and squeeze me and call me George. (Not really call me George mol) But she thought maybe I just got outside or I was an outdoor cat or something. So she continued her walk. Then a few days later, it was colder. I turned up on her doorstep. She brought me in, and sat on the computer. She posted ads on Kijiji, she put posters up, but nobody came for me. So, she decided that whoever owned me, gave up or just didnt want me. So, she called me Loco because I am...well....Loco MOL!! So thats how I got my home, my name, and a fursib. smile


Merry Trickster
Purred: Wed Nov 27, '13 2:17pm PST 
Hi there! I am new too. smile