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A little cat- with a lot to- learn
Purred: Wed Aug 21, '13 8:49am PST 
Hi, I am new here and new to cats in general. My husband and I are both self proclaimed "dog people", but given our living arrangements a cat seemed like a much better choice to join our family of 4. We rescued Tillie less than a week ago, and I am already so amazed at her! She truly is the perfect fit for our family, and here I am on catster! Never thought I'd be making a profile for my cat! smile Looking forward to meeting some of you.


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Wed Aug 21, '13 7:54pm PST 
Hi Tillie, and congrats on finding your furrever home! welcome

Deep down, I think all humans are potentially cat people, they just need a wonderful kitty like you to help them realize it! Way to go! hi5

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Biscuit Maker

Purred: Wed Aug 21, '13 10:45pm PST 
Hi, Tillie! wave Welcome to Catster -- welcome -- and congratulations on finding your forever home!

It's nice to hear that when a person gets their first cat they realize they really are a cat person.
way to go


mon petit chat- noir
Purred: Thu Aug 22, '13 3:19pm PST 
Welcome Tillie! Kitties sure are amazing little things aren't they? I am always amazed at how each one of mine are similar & yet so different. I do love dogs too, but I would never be without a cat. welcomecat on moon