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Hi Forum. I figured, after my long winded post in the behavioural section of the forum I should introduce myself.

My names Heather, and my cat's name is Chupie. Short for Chupacabra. He was adopted off a friend of mine a few months back, and has since become a fixture in mine and my boyfriends apartment. We can't imagine the place without him. He's turned me into a cat person, after being an avid dog owner/lover my whole life. He's one of the best behaved cats I know, always wanting to be around people and be loved. He comes when he's called, is brave and adventurous but also wants to stay close to his humans.

Unfortuanatly he didn't have a very good home before he came to us. My friend's ex would hurt him and throw him around their apartment. It was very messy there, and chaotic, and he got accidentily high a lot because of the drugs that were there. Now however he is happy and healthy in a stable home.

I'm mostly looking for cat advice because it's my first time owning - or even thinking about owning - a cat! My boyfriend's mom has 4, so I've been getting a lot of advice there, but if you check out my other post in the behaviour section you will see there is some very specific problems Chupie has been causing us.

smile Regardless though, he's one awesome cat. kitty