Feral cat alert

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I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Sat Jun 29, '13 7:21am PST 
Hi there... Although I've always loved cats, it was not until recently that I had my first feline friend, Zanfoul.. my beautiful Turkish Angora...
What I noticed is that having him made me more vulnerable towards cats, especially feral cats that have no one to love or to take care of..

About a month ago a feral cat found her way to my building. I started feeding her as I did with feral cats that come to my building all my life, I'm used to having them come and go, but this one decided to stay.
I later discovered that she uses the floor right under my apartment as her toilet! My neighbors where very upset and decided to chase her out of the building and repair the broken part of our building door that helped her to get in.
One day I came home and she was gone. They chased her.. I was told that she stayed the entire day in front of the door trying to find her way back in. Eventually she got hungry and left. Heart-breaking!
I was very sad, I really liked her, she is the sweetest cat I've met but could not let her in as I already have a cat and not ready to make them tow.. A second cat will not be welcomed in my family frown

Today I heard her very distinctive meow, opened my door and: TaDaaaa! Here she was! I have no idea how she entered the building once more.. but she was here and she was as hungry as a whale!
I fed her, put a litter box for her, hoping she won't have to use my neighbors' door steps (which I doubt a lot.. She is not litter trained and will not understand what that thing I put is!)! And now I have no idea what to do next!

I have previously called animal shelters but they told me they are already full, they take only emergency cases.. thought of taking her to the vet, but then what?!
I don't even know why I'm writing this post for! I just need any idea on what to do with this kitty... I'm really worried my neighbors might hurt her to prevent her from coming back...

So.. Help! Any idea?

P.S.: How to add pics to posts? I wanted to post a photo of that kitty maybe you guys can help me identify her breed..


I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Sat Jun 29, '13 12:59pm PST 

Guess what! She actually used the litter box! Man, cats are so smart!!!! applause
I am very happy! I think this will buy me more time before my neighbors discover her and try to chase her away again..
Here is a picture of her in case anyone can help with the breed type:


Sorry it's a link but I still don't know how to upload a photo.

Thanks in advance..


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Sun Jun 30, '13 9:13am PST 
Oh, she is PRECIOUS! I can see how you can't resist that face, I know I could not. I think the fact that she used the litter box and she came to you so readily, she was obviously someones cat before. She would not be that hard to make an indoor cat. I know you are not ready for another cat.....I have 3 stray cats, recently took in the 3rd and said NO WAY AM I HAVING A 3rd CAT!!! But Stephano, my kitten, he was desperate. He needed me, he had no where to go, and I could find no one to take him. Actually, he had been abandoned with another kitty, his brother we assume, and we found a home for his brother and then two days later we found him. We found two cans of cat food nearby...this was at a church preschool, it was clear they had been dumped. They were identical in markings so yeah, we thought brothers for sure. I very reluctantly agreed to keep him while looking for a home, since I had two cats. I put him in my garage, he ate, drank, climbed in my lap, crawled up and nestled into my shoulder, and purred non stop. Within two days of this non stop love and devotion from him, we were smitten. We did not know how it would work, having two cats that had to be separated at all times, because Beep is vicious. But it has worked out beautifully. Taffy, my other male, LOVES him, he is like his mommy.

Do you, or can you find a low cost clinic? I'm not sure where you are, but if you are anywhere near a big city in the US, many pet stores have clinics that come by every month or so and do shots super cheap, and have spay and neuter clinics. If you actually go down to a rescue, don't call them, you will have better results talking face to face with someone, and let them know you have a cat that is probably pregnant and if you keep her you need help adopting out the kittens, maybe they will help you?

I know you are not looking for another kitty, but all 3 of mine have their story of how they found me, and it was never a good time when they did, but I felt like they were just desperate and needed me. Once you get over that initial cost of shots and spay, it's not much harder to have a second cat. And there seem to be more and more places that offer low cost services to pets, places that really care about pets. The SPCA has a low cost vet you can visit where I live.

Even if you can only offer this girl a bathroom to live in for now, away from your cats....which is a good idea without having her checked for kitty diseases first, and the fact that she is undoubtedly pregnant, she shouldn't risk being around other cats that might fight with her.....if she had a bathroom, a garage, some sort of room that she could be confined to, with a litter box, food and water, a bed or blanket, a box, somewhere to have her kittens, those kittens will have a better chance at survival. A laundry room or a spare bedroom/office, would also be ideal. And since you said that others have now taken to feeding her also.....maybe you can convince someone there to think about taking her in. I would implore you to talk with your neighbors and see if someone else there that has fed her, if they would see fit to take her in. Offer to help get her fixed maybe or to buy her some food, or litter to help get her started?

I don' t trust your neighbors for a second. My feeling is, if you will be mean to a cat once, you are just that kind of person who will do it again, even if you are asked not to. People that are cruel to cats disgust me so much.

She may end up getting along beautifully with your cats and could be part of your family. I never wanted 3 cats, ever, but they all found me. I can't tell you how much I love them all.


I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Tue Jul 2, '13 3:07am PST 
Thank you so much for your reply, you're encouraging me to take her in which is something I was seriously considering.
I'm not in the US, I'm Egyptian, I live in Cairo and I know at least 2 or 3 pet shelters that can provide medical service for cats, but they all struggle financially and they have no room for another pet, so taking the kitty will be hard, but I thought maybe at least they can check her to make sure she is healthy, coz I think she's not.. Poor kitty!

You know the fact that she used the litter box, she's not afraid of humans and she rolls down when she sees me as if she's asking for a tummy rub! All this makes me think too that this cat was abandoned.. Which is weird since she is not the type people around here usually like to have! Egyptians tend toward fluffy cats with long hair, usually Persians or Turkish breeds..
But well, maybe someone found her as a kitten, used to feed her then let her go! Possible..
Anyways, I just can't let her go back to the street...
And, no, there is no way with my neighbors, I'm just thankful they didn't notice her or else they will chase her again!
Will give it a try with the pet shelter.. It's a good advice not to call and just show up with her.. Maybe then they can't say no! I'm ready to pay anyway if they ask for shots cost or boarding as much as I can..

BTW, I'm not sure she's pregnant anymore.. I think she's just sick.. frown

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Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Sat Jul 6, '13 7:18am PST 
I agree with everything Beep said. If she is asking for belly rubs she is not feral. Possibly her owner died and the relatives threw her out. She is very pretty -- possibly part Oriental, but I'm no expert. If she and Zanfoul are both gentle they could become friends. This little girl has already chosen you. You are so kind to help her.


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 12:52pm PST 
A big belly could be from worms too, which is likely with her being outside. My feral cat is fixed and she has a huge belly at times. I do worm her from time to time, but it's hard when she is a feral and hunts rats outside all the time. This kitty that has found you seems so sweet, wanting belly rubs. I hope you have luck placing her somewhere, so she can be off the street. Too bad you can't take her, two cats is not so much harder than one, and then your other cat won't be lonely.


I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Tue Jul 9, '13 4:54am PST 
Well they chased her out again, but she is living just outside my building door in a safe place away from cars, I give her food everyday because it seems she stopped looking for food anywhere else.. Will try to do my best with the shelter.