Where have all my cats gone???

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Purred: Sat Feb 23, '13 7:54am PST 
My home computer died, and I got a new one. A friend helped me to set it up. When I got into CATSTER, my Account says "You have no cats add them now". I have been a CATSTER member for about four years, and cannot understand why all this info was lost. When I log into
CATSTER on my computer at work all my info is there, cats, groups, friends, etc.

Any suggestions from computer-savy CATSTERS???

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all we can sugest is to write caster, maybe it is more fleas.


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Purred: Sun Feb 24, '13 12:17am PST 
Hi Furry friends, have you started a new account? Maybe one was started on the 29. 6 .2012 because is says you have been a member since then. Maybe there was a problem last year and you started another account without putting any cats on it. I hope you get it sorted soon and that Catster can help you. Purrs Mr D

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Thanks Sammie and Mr. D.....I will contact CATSTER HQ about this. Have not opened a new account, just have a new computer. What puzzled me was that I nvever had a problem using another person's computer, as I had to do durig Hurricane Issac in Sept3ember

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I can see that your kitties are definitely still on Catster, but somehow you're not being connected to that account when you log in? shrug

Do you usually log in with email/password or with Facebook? Have you tried it both ways already?

If it's the former, are you sure you're using the same login information? I've had to switch email addresses for Catster before when notifications started bouncing. Have you used any other addresses for your Catster account?

I was having a computer issue a few years ago where the form at the top of the page wasn't working right for me. I had a little more luck using the one at http://www.catster.com/login.php. Maybe try that one, too?

That's all I can think of to suggest so far. Hopefully it gets straightened out for you quickly! hug

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Purred: Mon Feb 25, '13 7:40am PST 
Thanks your replies. Mr. D you hit it right on the spot....yes, when I changed my password, CATSTER "read" this as being a new account. I emailed them on Saturday, and they answered me on Sunday evening. Had turned my computer off becasue of SERIOUS thunderstorms, and hail. But got the message this morning at my office.

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