Brandy and her Mummy, Bridget!

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Brandy, the- Fluffy Dribble- Queen!
Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 1:55pm PST 
Hi! I'm Bridget and my fluffy darling is Brandy, my -almost- fifteen year old kitten! I came across this site while trying to find a nice cat community online. Hopefully I will become a regular around here and will get to know lots of other people as mad about their cats, as myself!


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Wed Jan 23, '13 9:37pm PST 
Welcome to Catster, Brandy and mum! welcome

We're looking forward to getting to know you! Sending a friend request! happy dance


Brandy, the- Fluffy Dribble- Queen!
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 4:07am PST 
Thanks! smile

It took me a moment to understand how to accept the friend request but eventually managed it, hehe. Strange for me, as I'm good with computers normally. laugh out loud


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 10:46am PST 
Hi! Welcome to Catster! things have been a bit quiet around the site lately, but there's usually a few of us strolling around! Lots to check out too! Sending a pal request & welcome again! welcomecat on moon wave


Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 8:25pm PST 
Hi, Brandy! Welcome to Catster! welcome

You'll find lots of good friends here. way to go


You... Treats...- Now...
Purred: Thu Jan 24, '13 8:25pm PST 
Welcome to Catster!

I'm an old lady too.. smile Care to be friends?


Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Thu Mar 14, '13 6:52pm PST 

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Fri Mar 15, '13 7:10pm PST 
Hi Brandy and mom, welcome to Catster!

We're sure you'll like it here!