Hello all

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I am- Albertosaurus- hear me roar- *miaow*
Purred: Sun Aug 12, '12 2:52am PST 
Just wanted to say hi to everyone.

I'm new to catster so just trying to find my bearings and I'm useless with sites like this, but I'm trying! laugh out loud

I never used to be a "cat" person, well never an animal person really. My lovely fiance brought for me a kitten after we found out I couldn't have anymore children. My kids are growing up, my partner is working 60 hours per week and I was lonely. Albert although I've only had him a while is a constant companion and I finally appreciate and see how beautiful cats are smile
I'm living in England and my Albert is a California Spangled .. quite rare over here I believe?
Looking forward to seeing all the pretty kittys on here, take care all. Becki x


I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Tue Sep 11, '12 10:15am PST 
Hi Albert & wlcome to Catster! welcome there's alot of great kitties on here, and lots to learn. We are all here to help out! Sending you a friend request. cat on moon