slow or freezing caster pages

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little stinker
Purred: Wed Aug 8, '12 5:28pm PST 
if anyone is having trouble with casters pages running really slow or totally freezing this is what we did and it seemed to fix the problem. add caster to ALL of your pop-up blockers under ALLOW, we were having the same problems, wrote them, then found out the adds were pop-ups. added caster to our IE pop-up blocker, seem to have fixed the problem, still have a slow page here and there. add to your anti-virus too.


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Purred: Wed Aug 8, '12 8:52pm PST 
We use Firefox 14.0.1 with Adblock Plus and haven't noticed any problems. applause


little stinker
Purred: Mon Aug 13, '12 7:34am PST 
Here is something that caster's sent us about the pages freezing, forgot to post it. Hope this helps.

A member who is running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 without having any problems, was wondering if a pop-up blocker could be running interference and that reminded me of a problem from a few years back. All of a sudden some members couldn't use the gift store, but others using the same OS and browser setup weren't having a problem. We tested and tested and tested, but couldn't reproduce the problem. Then one of our members wrote to say they had found a pop-up blocker on their Norton Security program that hadn't been there before the last Norton Security update. They set the pop-up blocker to allow Dogster pop-ups which is how the gift store operates. Problem solved. We started spreading the word and sure enough, the common factor for those having trouble was Norton Security's new pop-up blocker.

All of that to now ask, have any of your programs which are part of your online experience changed? New security program, adware, pop-up blocker? Browsers get updated so much more often than they used to. Firefox 14.0.1 is my primary browser, but it's acting a little wonky with my Yahoo e-mail account and I'm hoping the next update will stabilize things.

If the freezing page problem continues, a screenshot would be helpful so the Techno Cats can see exactly what you're seeing.

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We do not have nortons, so, once we added caster to allow in our pop-up blockers, the freezing stopped, we added dogster too, just to play it safe.