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"Sir Talks- A-Lot"
Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 5:26pm PST 
Hello all! We are new to Catster, and just wanted to introduce ourselves. I am the human, and currently I have just a single kitty Socrates. We are picking up his new little sister tomorrow (excited) and I joined this site because I'm certain I'm going to need assistance at some point. Pictures will be posted of the new kitty when she comes home. So, anyway, thanks for reading!

Beepers - Our Handsome- Angel

Father of- champions!
Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 6:41pm PST 
Hi Socrates! Welcome to Catster. welcome


Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 9:54pm PST 


Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 10:28pm PST 
Welcome to Catster, Socrates! welcome

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 7:59am PST 
Hi Socrates! What a great name. Welcome! welcome

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 1:37pm PST 
welcome Socrates to Catster!

You'll make many furriends & gain a whole world of knowledge, education & have lots ov fun!

I'm off to give you sum fresh fresh Treats =OO= yew'll see! laugh out loudlaugh out loud


Tigger is my- favorite!
Purred: Sun Jun 10, '12 9:33am PST 
Welcome! Look around, and sit down for a glass of nipade! welcome