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Will (April- 2000-June- 10,2011)

Gone But Never- Forgotten &- Always Love
Purred: Sun Jun 12, '11 7:41pm PST 
My photo is the only one that shows up in family and other pages. Why doesn't my other family members pictures show up?

Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

Angel Diva
Purred: Sun Jun 12, '11 8:09pm PST 
Hi Lexi and welcome to Catster!

I went to your page and see what you mean about your family's photos not showing up. Sometimes new kitties have problems which eventually get straightened out in a few days without doing anything.

However, what you should do is scroll down to the bottom of any page on Catster and at the bottom, click the link that says "Contact" and contact Catster HQ about the problem and they'll fix it.

I'll be sending a friends request and hope you'll accept!

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Mon Jun 13, '11 10:09am PST 
Yes I would contact HQ. It's strange that the picture won't show up at the bottom but once you click on their pages you see them fine. shrug


Purred: Mon Jun 20, '11 2:21pm PST 
Thanks everyone my family members pictures show up now. cheer