I was going through here to see all the new kitties and decided this was easier ...

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Scuffs- (Rainbow- Bridge)

... and now I- give you peace
Purred: Thu Mar 17, '11 5:52pm PST 
Hi. I'm Scuffs.

I'm new here, but my family has been here a long while. I have been sending out FPRs (feline pal request) all day to introduce myself and then came here to find new kitties like myself.

I have found it could be a bit easier to introduce myself this way and take a FPR break for a few days. Mayhappens one day HQ can find a better way - MOL!

I'm off to make some more scuffs all over the house. See you all around in Catster Land kitty

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Sun Mar 27, '11 5:56pm PST 
Hi, Scuffs! wave You're a cutie! Of course we know your family so you can be sure you have found one of the best forever homes there is! A friend request is on the way!

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Mon Mar 28, '11 11:47am PST 
Hiya Scuffs, another friend request on way too xxxx


You Can Never- Have To Many- Hugs & Rubs
Purred: Tue Mar 29, '11 5:58pm PST 
Hi Scruffs
I am happy to meet you and welcome to Catster!!

Scuffs- (Rainbow- Bridge)

... and now I- give you peace
Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 11:07am PST 
Thanks so much. Everyone here is so kind.

I'm off to scuff up some more furiends. Look out. You may just see my blur go by shock


Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 11:10am PST 
I'm Mika, and I'm new too))) You are super cute)))