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Not spoiled,- just well taken- care of.
Purred: Thu Nov 4, '10 1:05pm PST 
Hi my name is Jack. My mom joined Catster to try and get some answers as to why I'm throwing up after I eat. She thinks it might be that I'm eating too fast.

My perscription food was recalled so she had to get a new one from the Vet. Its been more than two weeks on the new food so I don't think I'm reacting to the new food.

Anyway,I hope to make lots of friends.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Thu Nov 4, '10 2:16pm PST 
Hi Jack, you may want to post this in the health forum. You'll get more readers and help there. In the meantime, please have your mom take a look at my website about feline inflammatory bowel disease. It doesn't mean you have it, but grains in those prescription diets are just not good for kitties and can cause and/or irritate the GI tract. Take a look at my site and post this again in the health forum also. We'll all be glad to help you out okay? Here's my link: www.ibdkitties.net. little angel