Question about how to us forums?

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Hi, maybe I missed it, but I couldn't find an FAQ or info on how to use the forums. I did see the guideline info...I have a couple questions:

1) I am wondering if clickable links can be posted - they will show up in the Answers/Questions area but don't seem to in the Forums?
2) How can you go back and edit a post later?
3) Do you add the smilies just by clicking on them on do you have to drag them? thinking It didn't work once when I clicked on them...

Thanks, many purrs!!!

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Hi Nadia,

I'll try to answer your questions. big grin

1) clickable links can be used in the forums but you need to use a special code. You can find the code and instructions here:

2) A poster has about 5 minutes to go back and edit a post. You go to the post and in the upper right hand corner you'll see *edit your post*. Click on that and make your edits and post. After 5 minutes you won't be able to edit your post.

3) smilies and emoticons: just click on the emoticon and it will appear right after the last text you typed. If you want the emoticon to appear somewhere else in the message, click on the emoticon and then cut and paste it where you want it to show in your post.

Important: always click Preview before clicking Post. Whatever is in the Preview will be what gets posted. If you click Preview and then want to go back and add more text, emoticons or make edits, you need to click Preview again before posting or those changes may not show up in your final post.

Hope this helped. Good luck!

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And ... if you use a clickable link, highlight and copy that part of the post. Clickable links drop out when you preview, so paste it back in at the correct spot before posting. On the preview page, you will see what your post will look like and below that will be where you can edit and put the clickable link code back in.


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Thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it!

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and thanks from mom!

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Hi, I am wondering why you can easily add clickable links in the Answers/Questions and Blogs area, but you have to type in that long code in the Forums. That makes putting links in difficult. And many people probably won't use it - even if they know about it.

If you can easily copy and paste clickable links in one place, why not in the Forums, too? shrug