How to Speak Catster....Like MOL and Stuff

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Princess- Cassiecat

Princess Of Meow- Town
Purred: Sat Jan 26, '08 9:28pm PST 
cheer cheercheer

Sophie♥- ;

Wally's Forever- Love
Purred: Sat Jan 26, '08 11:20pm PST 
I would like to add...

pawmouse = promise

everypaw = everybody

fur kids = cats or dogs

paw-paw = your daddy

Pina~cat~ladas = pina coladas

(this is fun big grin)

Angel- Playful the- Empurress

Empurress from- the House of- Ebersocats
Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 2:06pm PST 
Purrday for birthday
Winkwink for engagement
Wedwink for marriage
d*gs fur dogs
v*t fur vet or TED = The evil doctor
mwe fur me

Miss Kitty

Living with- Daddy and lovin- it
Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 5:32pm PST 
My mom always calls me a catloaf when I sit with my feet tucked under. I'm the catloaf queen since it's my favorite way to sit. wink

The Blackies- (4 Fab- Ferals)

Black Power!
Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 8:43pm PST 
NFL = Nice Food Lady
NFG = Nice Food Guy

(We ferals like to keep our distance from the 2-legged folks, but we still appreciate all they do fur us).way to go

Cookie (Olde- Dirty- Angelman)

I'm the O.G.,- mofo
Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 8:47pm PST 
ODC = Olde Dirty Cookman

Hey, I'm almost 21. I'm entitled to a little egotism.

Pawstuctaway- Serengeti

Princess of my- Domain
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 9:52pm PST 
I don't think I saw Santa Paws


meow eat sleep- destroy
Purred: Tue Jan 29, '08 1:47am PST 
cookie: ol dirty catster? snoop cat, notorious C.A.T!cheer


Food is life!
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 1:44pm PST 
OMPAW! What does TTFN mean? Just wondering! big grin


Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 7:39pm PST 
COL-cat on lap

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