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Purred: Fri Jun 21, '13 1:10pm PST 
Hi everyone I am new to catster I have 2 beautiful Siamese cats Aria I acquired her from someone who wanted to raise Bengals so just gave her to me she is 14 months old, and is such a sweet loving cat. Then there is Artie the soon to be 4 week old male kitten who a friend of mine was going to start breeding when the mom wanted nothing to do with the kittens and my friend became overwhelmed so she dropped this little guy off at my house when I wasn't home so I've been raising him for almost 4 days now and he's such a cuddle bug. My female took right to him and it's threw her into mommy mode she cleans him, plays with him, and sleeps with him. I just wanted to introduce myself and my kitties.


Psycho kitty
Purred: Fri Jun 28, '13 2:08pm PST 
----Welcome to Catster!!!---- partypartywelcomewelcome
Hello! Catster is a great site, and I am sure you and your kitties will love it!!!!!!!
Your kitten sounds very very cute, and Aria is a beautiful cat at that MOL!!! Anyways, if you have any questions then there are a lot of very very nice people on here, (EVERYBODY!!!) and they will definitely help. Also, when your new and you post on forums, sometimes you don't get replies for like, days, weeks, months, even YEARS!!! MOL! No, probably just days. smile cat on moon