Pedigree verification

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Ratty - 2008-2012 - Goodbye my

Ratso Batso
Purred: Thu Jan 12, '12 6:53am PST 
Can anyone help me?It has been brought to my attention that a number of my pedigree's have incorrect information. All my girls and boys came with pedigrees and GCCF registrations, but some of the pedigree's have been hand written and photocopied so the reproduction is not that clear.
I have emailed a number of breeders where I could obtain their details from various sites, but either those details are incorrect too or they are unwilling to help!
I am asking for this help because I want to ensure new slaves of my kittens have the correct information. I do not want to use the info for any underhand purposes.
My pedigrees are displayed on my web site (minus the reg numbers) but I really would like to clarify that a) I have the correct family tree and b) the correct gccf numbers.

Many thanks in advance