hummm... what colour am I?

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"Lady of the- Sun"
Purred: Sun Mar 2, '08 4:52am PST 
My dad was creating my website and he can't figure out my colour... can any of you guys ask your parents for help... so my dad can complete my physical description? thanks....

AHHH by the way.. I am new here... kitty


The Quiet One
Purred: Tue Mar 4, '08 3:20am PST 
Without a fuller picture, I'd guess that you are a seal point, and a youngish one? Seals and chocolates are close in coloring, but I'd lean toward seal.

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Purred: Mon Mar 24, '08 9:34pm PST 
Welcome to Dogster, sorry, Catster, Arien!!! Please don't tell anybody I was here, after all I'm a GSD!!!
No, no, no, kitties, don't worry, I'll not chase you, Arien is my cousin, and his dad is my mom's best friend, so I'll behave, promessed!!!
Now about your colour...yes, I agree with that seal point.
Tons of GSD hugs,
your cousin from the Bridge,