Medical Problems with the Siamese Breed

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Kay Cee & Dora

Purred: Tue Mar 3, '09 2:58am PST 
oh my lord! I'm the foster mom (since Jan 31) of 2 sister 10 year old Siamese! They both appear very healthy yet I have NO clue about this breed, just that they lost their meow-mom and needed a home until another quiet home can be found...

For the poster with allergies to cat food problems... a non-Siamese I have was allergic to ALL kitten food (especially Iams!), so whole chicken were boiled, cooled and deboned (please leave the skin, fat and grisle! yum), and brown rice cooked to mix with... I quit itching my fur off, my skin and coat grew BEAUTIFUL and in a few months I went on natural dry cat food that I can tolerate smile good luck honey!

So is everyone saying, these two 10 year old girls don't have a chance in heaven of being adopted ???? Should I feed them something special for their breed???? omg omg I love these "girls"

Their previous family instructions are:

1/2 small can for each of (ugh) Fancy Feast chicken wet in the a.m.
2 tables spoons of 1/2 and 1/2 mid day for their coats
1/3 cup of Evo dry food at night for each

HELP! I want to keep then healthy, as they sure seem to be now - but are there special problems I need to know about to help them?

dang it, I'm falling in love with Fosters!!! no no NO ;-)

Zoey and- Zane

We already get- everything we- want :)
Purred: Fri Mar 6, '09 10:43am PST 
Hey guys! Our names are Zane and Zoey, we are only 7 weeks old right now and we had an older brother that we never got to meet. He was half siamese and half himalayan. He was a very healthy and very playful cat. He was only a year and a half old. Our mom noticed that he was breathing hard so she took him into the vet and found out that he was dying from an enlarged heart(cardiomyopthy). Apparently he had it since birth and it runs in siamese cats but it is not rampid. Our mom never knew he was sick because cats do not show that they are in distress and especially with cardiomyopthy there are NO signs at all until it is almost time to pass away. Our mom is very sad but our dad bought us a day after our brother died to try to help ease the pain. Our owners never knew of this in cats and they want to let everyone know that it is, unfortunately, out there in Siamese cats. If anyone has any questions about this, please ask us smile


Purred: Tue Mar 10, '09 2:59am PST 
Me and my little brother Charlie both of something wrong with our renal system. We are about a year old and I have already spent a night or two at the vet. I couldn't pee, they said I had a "blocked." Charlie had similar problems we eat this food called C/D now. We are doing much better now and are very happy.

Mocha Joe

Purred: Mon Oct 19, '09 8:52am PST 
We've always had mystery cats from the shelter, Joe happens to be a chocolate point so we call him Siamese, but it seems like all of these problems are very common in domestic cats, period. I've had 8 cats since I was a kid, and I think half of them died of renal failure, some chronic, some acute, a couple had diabetes, one had asthma... My personal opinion is that a lot of it was due to the grain-based food they ate. My current cats are only 5 months and raw-fed, but so far, so good, and I hope for long, healthy lives for them.

Zeuss- Booster

The House God
Purred: Mon Dec 7, '09 12:47am PST 
HI There,
I too have asthma. It comes and goes and at the moment isn't bad enough to be on medication. Apart from that I am as healthy as my Mummies horses
Cheers all

Fatty - 2006-2012 - Goodbye my

Purred: Sat Dec 19, '09 2:00pm PST 
We all get ailments of some kind or another, especially if inbreeding is in the pedigree. Lucky for all of us here we have all got pedigrees that have no inbreeding in the past 5 generations.
I dont know if it is the real cause of increased illness, but in humans inbreeding is not really a problem, but unfortunatly us cats dont have the choice of our parents or our mates.
Best you can do is keep warm, milk it a bit so you get more cuddles and demand fresh made chicken, perhaps with a little tomato sauce - yum yum

Lots of love and best wishes, Fatty and family


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