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Suki (Sooks)- In Loving- Memory

Born to be- adored
Purred: Sat Jul 28, '07 4:32pm PST 
Our names are Suki and Thai and we just stopped by the Meezer page to say hello. We are two Siamese if you please. Suki is 14 and Thai is just a year old. We live in Beaverton Oregon. Suki is chocolate and Thai is seal. We are both very affectionate and love to be with our Mom and Dad. We have been busy looking at all the other cat photos and everybody looks great. We wish we could meet you all and find out if we are related. Suki is mainly Geishagoll from Salt Lake City and Thai is from Casa DeCano from Redmond Washington. We are distant cousins through a great grandfather by the name of New Moon Eclipse. My Mom said that he was nick named Clipper and was quite famous and very prolific. We expect that some of the other Siamese on this forum go back to him too. Hope we hear back from some of you as we love being on the computer with our Mom. We both sit on her lap and make it really hard to type. Sometimes we stroll over the keyboard and weird things happen. We haven't added many photos or details yet but we will work on that over the next few days. Glad that we found this site and look forward to hearing from you guys.kitty

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