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Nefertiti- (Nefi)

I have an- attitude, I'm a- siamese!
Purred: Mon Apr 9, '07 7:27am PST 
I am a very overweight Siamese. My mommy thinks that I have an eating disorder. The vet thinks that I eat too much but I really don't think so. I eat when mom puts the food down and when it's gone, it's gone. Everyone says that I am the fatest Siamese they have ever seen at 22 pounds. I thought we were supposed to be these sleek beautiful creatures. Does anyone else have a weight problems like me? kitty


I'm her Handsome- Jack Jack!
Purred: Tue Apr 24, '07 10:59pm PST 
There is nothing wrong with extra bulge! I am 15 pounds and about to be 3 in July! Who knows, I may be bigger by then! Just as long as you are healthy and get some sort of exercise going. Like me for instance, i play fetch with these loopy toys, and i play the lightning bolt where i BOLT out of a room and BOUNCE off the couch and FFLLLYYYY into the hallway!

Just be healthy and you'll be fine!


Purred: Fri Jul 13, '07 11:21pm PST 
I'm over 18 lbs and the vet hasn't said anything about me being over weight red face