Wow I am the first one here!

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~*Sable*~- ADOPTED!

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Purred: Thu Mar 8, '07 3:22pm PST 
Well hope come soon so I can talk to them!


Purred: Fri Mar 9, '07 12:58pm PST 
Brandy was the first Siamese I was ever owned by. She spoiled me so badly. She was so very loving and such a loyal friend. She died May 3, 2006 and I miss her so much, so very, very much.

Frisco Leo

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Purred: Sat Mar 10, '07 7:53pm PST 
My brother Toby is a Siamese. Sadly, he doesn't have a catster account yet, my grandmum is his human, but my mum might make a page for him somtime!kitty

Here are some photos of Toby!
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

He has an extra toe on each paw, and extra long tumbs. He can pick up things really well! Pretty cool I think.


Willow. - Rainbow- Bridge.

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Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 1:36pm PST 
Toby is absolutely gorgeous Frisco Leo. But then all cats are, it's just that some are a little more gorgeous than others,,big grin

Mr. Echo

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I diddint know thare was a forum just for us Meezers! Well, hi thare fellow Meezers and Meezer lovurs. We got a nice bunch of Meezers on Catster. It's cool to have another place to hang out!


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Anywhere Mr. Echo goes, I'll be there too. big laugh Aren't we Meezers gorgeous? We are also very loving, kind and a lot of fun. I do love Siamese kitties, but every cat has a special place in my heart.

Willow. - Rainbow- Bridge.

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Purred: Tue Mar 13, '07 2:53pm PST 
Hi Mr Echo.
Hi Toulouse.
It's great to see you, how are you both?

Casey, the Meezer Diva!

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Awesome to find our very own meezer forum. How cool is that?

I haven't been around a while apparently...there are so many changes to the forums!

A shout-out to my fellow meezers, esp Mr. Echo, Toulouse and Willow....and a hello to everyone else - hope to get to know you all better!