Saved a wounded kitten, have a few Qs.

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Hello! I saved a kitten that was thrown out like a piece of trash over the July 4th holiday. He was not happy about being rescued, he was wet, scared, hurt, and hungry. I took him home and gave him a warm bath to rid him of some of his flea infestation. The poor little guy was covered in them. I sat him down only to discover he could not walk on his hind legs. I freaked out and rushed him to the vet the next day. The vet says he has one broken leg that is already healing back normally and besides that he was just really weak, covered in fleas, had ear mites, worms, and probably was starting to battle an upper respiratory infection.She sent me home with instructions and some antibiotics and since then he has been making leaps and bounds. He now walks on both back legs, purrs non-stop, and plays like a normal little kitty.

I have a few questions though, he seems very fluffy for his age (the vet estimated him at 10 weeks) and I was wondering if you guys thought he would be a long or medium haired cat. I've always had short hair cats and they usually grow out of their kitten fluff by now. He also has icy blue eyes and I was wondering if you guys thought they would remain blue?

Here's his pics, sorry about his dirty nose in the first pic, he nose dived into some food.



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Oh, he is so cute! Thank you for saving him and being his angel! way to gohappy dance

I'm not sure but it looks like he may be a medium-hair.



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I think he looks like a medium hair. As for his eyes, he's still young enough that they won't necessarily stay that intense blue color, but if not blue he'll probably be a nice shade of bright green, and either will be striking with that orange coat!