Found Kitten - not sure what breed/mix

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Hello all!

So my husband found this (adorably awesome) kitten about 4 weeks ago; we estimate him to be about 8 weeks now per our dr visit when we found him.

We aren't sure what breed or mix he might be. All of our cats are DSH Black or Tuxedo, aka typical lazy house cat.

He is quite energetic, has black & grey, possible pattern going on. We do not know the parents as he was found; however one of my husband's work clients said they had found him originally and he re-escaped from the box they had him in; they think the mother might of been savannah looking (scary if someone lost a savannah cat).

I know there can be black/smoke savannah cats - would it really be that crazy possibly that we have found a savannah mix?

Photos here: http://s1069.photobucket.com/user/amoore907/library/cats

(not sure how to embed if allowed here..)

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He's probably a standard DSH (99% of us kittens found on the streets are) with just a weak black coat. All black cats have the genes for a cool tabby marking in our coats, just for most of us the stripes only show incredibly faintly under the perfect lighting. But for a lucky few of us, especially when we're kittens they show up pretty well. When my foster family raised me and my twin brother Curly last year they were shocked at how stripey I was, especially compared to him (I looked JUST like this kitten!) and wondered if I was actually some kind of fancy rare black smoke coloring. Well, I was certainly special, but after a few months the stripes did get a little less prominent and now at a year old from what they can tell in pictures from my forever family I look like a pretty standard black cat in most lighting. He'll probably rock the baby black tiger look for a while and slowly transition to the more traditional little panther look. Get lots of pictures in bright sun now so you can always treasure his baby stripes!


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Your kitty is a black domestic shorthair. Black cats have "ghost" tabby markings in their coats and these markings are usually much more visible in kittenhood than they are in adulthood. Black panthers, black jaguars, etc, also have ghost markings in their coats. One of Uno's photos on her profile of her as a kitten very vividly shows the ghost tabby markings in her coat.