Looking for other Fairbanks Farm Abys

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Feb 15, '14 3:55pm PST 
Human is curious whether there are any Abys here on Catster who are also from Fairbanks Farm in CA thinking That's where she got Leroy from. Human just heard that the breeder of Fairbanks Farm, Lisa Ale, passed away last April cry The cattery no longer exists. A foster person took all of the Abys and I guess is still working with a rescue (SCAR) to find new homes for the Abys.

I guess we just want to hear from other Fairbanks Farm Aby owners and maybe talk about experiences about our crazy Abys kitty


Silly girl
Purred: Tue Feb 18, '14 10:47am PST 
If your human is on Facebook, there are no doubt some groups for Abys. You would probably find some others from Fairbanks Farms there, and there might even be a Facebook page for the rescue group that took the Abys when the breeder died. Otherwise, you could search through all the Aby's on Catster, looking at their bios to see if Fairbanks Farms is mentioned (a longshot, admittedly). Our mom found one of Beepers' daughters that way.

In Facebook Burmese groups, our mom found descendants of both Beepers and me -- descendants that aren't shown in the official Burmese registry database because they're 'pets' and their family never registered them. In one case, Mom 'guessed' that some cats might be related to us, based on the family's location, so she wrote to the people and asked. Fortunately, the people didn't think Mom was some nutcase and they answered -- and together they tracked down the lineage.

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Tue Feb 18, '14 5:34pm PST 
A Catster search wasn't helpful shrug A lot of the "Abyssinians" on Catster aren't even Abyssinians shrug The profile picture is that of DSH or other breed. Abys are not spotted or striped or have long fluffy fur confused

The person who took the Abys does have a FB page for her business (pet baording place) but there's no info about the Abysshrug At least not on the publicly viewable part shrug

We'll keep looking. Leroy has brothers and there was another litter with different parents born at the same time. It would be neat to hear from them smile

Talullah- Belle

Purred: Mon May 5, '14 10:45pm PST 
We got our baby girl from Lisa. We were so sad to here of her passing. We really wanted to get another one from her. We now have a Chausie and a mixed breed pup. We love our girl! She is awesome! Lisa raised so friendly and outgoing babies. Our Chausie is NOTHING like her and we have to coax her to do anything. She doesnt like people except us and its taken her awhile to get used to us! You can tell the difference in the way they were trained as babies for sure.

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I have a Fairbanks Farm Aby also but I bought her from the woman that reduced her parents. She is a beautiful red named Bastet. kitty we love her! We got her at a great price too since the new breeder could not get papers since Lisa's death. email me at mrocket85@gamil.com If you'd like to know more.