Newly adopted cat cant adjust to her new home

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I have recently adopted a Siberian cat from a rescue group 3 days ago. We have named her LuLu.
I have kept her in my guest bathroom with all the things that she would need which is food water and litter box along with a bed, scratching pad and some toys. She has taken up her place in the cabinet under the since even since we got her and does not move or make a sound all day.
She looks totally depressed and even shys away from light. She always keeps her face hidden and does not even look at me when I sit in the corner and try to talk to her .
I do not attempt to touch her as want her to approach me on her terms.
She hasnt eaten or drank even since we got her and has used the litter box just twice that also during the night. I even tried to tempt her with wet food which I place directly in front her yet she completely ignores it.
I know this is a difficult time for her and I just want to make the transition easy for her but I have no clue what more I can do.
Please Advice..


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While 3 days is too long for a cat to go without food, it's not long enough for her to adjust to a new home. It can take a week or two (or more) until you even see a bit of personality. I've had fosters hide for weeks until they were comfortable in the house.

The most important thing is to get her eating. Find out what the rescue was feeding her. Leave her alone with the food, particularly overnight. Try other tempting things - cooked chicken, plain chicken baby food, different flavored food - especially strong fishy flavored wet food. A cat can get really ill if it goes without eating for more than 24-48 hours so this has to be your highest priority.

Once she's eating spend some time in the bathroom just sitting and talking to her. Some people read out loud to new cats just to get them used to their voice and spending time together.

If you can get her adjusted please look at the website catinfo.org to see why you shouldn't feed dry food. You don't have to feed raw but you should at least feed canned for health reasons.

Shy cats require the most time and patience but are so rewarding when they come around. She may never be a lap cat or come when you call her so you have to be prepared for that. If that's not what you're looking for you should consider bringing her back. There are no guarantees, but she just may never be an outgoing cat. But if you don't mind a quiet girl she may be the perfect pet!

Best of luck - I hope she comes around soon!



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I would say that it's normal for a kitty to be nervous at first when being a new place. It's not good for her not to be eating though. thinking

I'm assuming the rescue had her checked by a vet and given a clean bill of health before releasing her for adoption? Did she have anything done to her in the last few days before you brought her home, like being spayed or getting vaccinations?

Are you giving her the same food that she was fed by the rescue? If not, you might try that. Also, some especially tasty or smelly foods might stimulate her appetite. We've always had luck with Beechnut Stage 1 chicken or turkey baby food (it's not a balanced diet for a cat, but better than nothing short-term), or you could try a fish based food like Tiki Cat to entice her to eat.

Are you using any products to relieve stress? Something like Feliway, Rescue Remedy, or any other pheromone or calming essence products might be soothing to her.

Bless you for adopting! Please keep us posted. hug

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Yes I made sure to give her the same brand of cat litter and dry food which she was using before.
She does not take interest in playing even when I use teasers and toys. All she wants to do is hide her face and sleep.


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Is she an older cat? Did the rescue group tell you anything about where she came from? Many times a cat coming from a senior citizen's home environment is very upset. If so, it is possible that her purrson passed away or went to a nursing home. Suddenly your kitty was taken from the loving, kind (quiet) home she was used to and sent to a rescue kennel, surrounded by strange cats, people and loud noises. I've seen many cases of this at the shelter I volunteer at. The cats look like they're in shock. And if she lost her purrson (and maybe another cat buddy) she is grieving. frown

I understand why you're keeping her in the bathroom, but would it be possible to let her explore another room (if she wants to)? Even for a few minutes under your supervision? Maybe relaxing on a chair, bed or couch and being able to look out a window would help.

It sounds like this kitty needs someone to help her get over her grief and with your love and kindness I think you are the purrfect answer to her prayers.

Kitty cuddles,

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When Big Bad Baby Twinkle came to live with me the poor little 7 month old kitten had just been spayed when she was in heat and also had a URI. She would not eat but my roomie and I were able to get her to lick Nutrical off our fingers. We informed the vet, who kept in touch. After BBBT recovered from her cold she ate and ate and ate, She was fine, She lived to be 18.

It sometimes takes a cat 2 - 6 weeks or more the get used to a new home. It took my 14 Y O Cee Cee a year. That was 11 years ago.

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how's your cat? in my experience she needs to eat. you either need to force feed her or ask the rescue group to return her to the foster home. she can get seriously ill if she is not eating