Disabled cat abandoned but now in my care, what now?

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I don't want to say the name, but I work in a nationally owned petstore chain. Last night two people came in and abandoned their three legged maine coon behind some boxes in the back of our store. Luckily a nice customer found her and told me. I took her home with me to see how things would work out.
This is seriously one of the sweetest cats. She's declawed, a little overweight, uses the litter box fine, comes when called and loves to be petted. She's still a little nervous, but my gosh I don't understand why someone would do this. She has a vet appointment for this afternoon for bloodtests and to get vaccinated.

She seems like a perfect cat. I just have to worries: does anyone have experience dealing with a disabled cat? This is not a dealbreaker for me. I just want to know ways to make life a bit easier. However I do have another male/neutered cat and an older dog. My dog has an issue with food aggression and I have to feed my cat on our counter where my dog can't see. Neither of them have been introduced to the new cat, but any ideas where I can feed this cat when they are introduced? I'm not sure what her jumping abilities are and I don't want to push her limitations.

Also any recommendations on how to introduce them?


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It's Stella. I am not sure anyone considers a three-legged cat to be disabled, as most dogs and cats deal very well with compensating after the loss of a leg. Jumping up on a counter might be one of the few things she can't do.

A lot of people can't afford to feed pets, so at least this one was abandoned where people who love animals would find it. Poor thing! But it sounds like she has a good person now. smile