Question: seeking home for manx

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I don't know if I am posting this correctly; so if I am wrong, please be gentle.

I need to find a home for my aunt's Manx cat (a rumpy). My aunt is in hospital with alzheimers and other severe heart issues and will be placed in a nursing home if and when she leaves the hospital. The cat would not be happy at my house because I have a dog (a friendly dog, but still a dog) and too much "people" traffic going in and out of the house.
Her cat is 1 1/2 years old, has been neutered, and has had a rabies shot. My aunt has had him since he was 7 weeks old. She lived alone, and therefore her Kitty is not use to having a lot of people about the house. She has walked him in her fenced-in backyard with collar and leash, no problem. He keeps clean and uses the litter box.
I believe he would enjoy the company of another cat, because he has a little
cat friend outside that comes to visit from time to time.
We live in Waco, Texas.
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I moved your post over to the Rescue and Adoption forum where it will get more attention from Catsters seeking to help.

Kitty looks like a nice kitty. We hope he will find find a wonderful home.