Moving - worried about cat!

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Dear all, due to family reasons I have to move back home for about 7 months and have to put my cat in with a foster. The foster mom is absolutely wonderful and I know I couldn't have asked for anyone better to take care of my precious little girl. I'm just worried about how my cat will be able to deal with the situation. I've only had her since May but I've become very attached and so has she. She's about two years old and for the first year of her life was abused. She was malnourished when I got her and it took her two months to start trusting me and come out from under the bed. She had extreme PTSD, but now after a lot of love and attention and proper care she's almost like a normal cat. I'm just afraid that because I have to do this and won't be with her again for a few months she'll regress back and think I abandoned her when she finally was able to trust someone again. Is there any advice or wisdom you can share as to how to make this easier for her? Like I said, the foster mom is fantastic and I know will care for her exceptionally well. I'm just worried about my cat because of her history and well I love her a lot lol. I know I will get her back after that time period but in the interim I don't want her to be traumatized. I know this may sound silly and this might not be the right place to post this but I needed to ask people who have experience on the matter as I'm quite concerned. Thank you so much!!!