Queenie found, but terribly changed

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all you need is- love
Purred: Tue Nov 19, '13 4:54pm PST 
YAY, and hope Fluff comes in soon!


I want it and I- WILL get it!
Purred: Tue Nov 19, '13 7:44pm PST 
It's Queenie. Fluff is back!!!!!!!!!!!! dancing

They caught him the awful trap last night and brought him in at noon. They took him in the bathroom like they did me, because it is the only room with a door that closes. So immediately he went down behind the washer and could not get out again! They had to move the washer to get him and both of my people are sore from the effort. But he only allowed her to hold him for a while and then went and hid under the sofa where he has been for hours. He is thinner and our person said he felt as if he was hot to the touch. She wants to take him to the vet tomorrow, but they don't have any appointments. Plus they will have to get him out from under the sofa again.

Stella and I were scared by all the ruckus, but now we are totally ignoring him and the sofa where he is hiding. My person thinks that it's sad that he and I were together since the womb and now it's like we don't know each other. Cats have strange relationships, that's for sure. thinking

Thanks to all who purred for us and gave us so many nice presents! wave


the queen
Purred: Tue Nov 19, '13 8:45pm PST 
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA happy dance cheer dancing way to go, we have been purring all week, lady even got pick DOTD, when she wrote about them missing party party hamster dance




I want it and I- WILL get it!
Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 7:33am PST 
It's Queenie. Fluff just went to the vet. He was lethargic this morning and still feels hot to the touch, plus now he is limping on his right leg. He's also missing a claw and has a gash over his left eye. They don't have any appts today but they said they would have a vet look at him between appts and see if he needs to be admitted. We hope not--that would be a terrible experience for him after he just came home. He has been hiding behind the couch most of the time since they got him out from behind the washer.

Stella and I are still hissing at him and being mean. Although now that I just saw him go out the door in the cat carrier, I am very upset. Please everyone purr for him that he did not get some fatal disease. He was not up to date on his shots.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 9:16am PST 

Yeah! way to go This is so furry gud to hear, Fluff is home mol mol...

We prayed as hawd as eva for yew Fluff! hug

Now, lets hope da
Vet will have gud news & nothing bad going on with yew!

Thank God yur home! meditate

BooBoo Jr.

goofus ball
Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 3:16pm PST 
You know we are purring hard here. Stella and Quenie--be nice!


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 8:54pm PST 
It's Stella. Fluff is back from the vet and they didn't find much wrong with him. He is, however, extremely stiff and limping. He walks like our person, even though there are no kitty canes. smile

Unfortunately he and Queenie are not getting along at all. Fluff did his usual obnoxious thing, trying to take food out of her dish when he had his own dish. Queenie snarled at him and whacked him with her paw and now everyone is sulking. How long is it going to be before she realizes that he is the cat she has been with since the womb?! She still is not getting on very well with me, after a week back in here, so it is not entirely the unfamiliar smell. I try to spend all my time laying next to our person so as not to get hurt!!

Mr D - D'boat #19

Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 10:01pm PST 
dancing Fantastic you have them both now. I hope all is good

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