Queenie and Fluff are gone

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Purred: Sat Nov 9, '13 10:26am PST 
This is their person. This morning Queenie and Fluff managed to open the screen door and vanish into the field behind my house. It is a nice day and they were formerly feral kittens who lived back there. However, they don't seem to know their way around. I doubt that they are going to find their way back, plus it is coyote season and I can hear them moving around in the field at night.

Ironically, we are coming up to 6 years for their Gotcha Day, when I was able to get them inside, but they never really adapted to indoor life. But they have never learned to hunt or eat wild food, so chances of their survival are not good,

So I have lost three cats in less than 4 months.


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Purred: Mon Nov 11, '13 4:25am PST 
This is so sad - I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know how you could have prevented it, but that doesn't make it any easier. We'll be purring over here that they're able to find their way home.


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Purred: Mon Nov 11, '13 8:35pm PST 
If any kat has a idea how to get them back home, please pawmail there person ASAP, every little idea helps


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Purred: Mon Nov 11, '13 11:38pm PST 
It's Stella. Still no sign of them, and it is now near freezing and sleeting. They are too scared of other people to get taken into someone's home. We are afraid that they are already dead due to cars or animals. They have been trying to get outside for the whole time they lived here. Some feral cats just don't ever get over the call of the wild, even if they are not smart or experienced enough to deal with it.

I am still crying and looking for them. cry


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Purred: Tue Nov 12, '13 11:16am PST 
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Please don't give up hope - I know that's not much comfort, but you may find them yet.


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Purred: Tue Nov 12, '13 3:42pm PST 
hug from all of us here. Meowma had Ringo a few years ago and he did the same thing; many cats that have ever been out are just obsessed with getting out again. They could still reappear; don't cry too much, you were doing all you could hug