Adopting a stray from outdoors

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Psycho kitty
Purred: Sun Sep 15, '13 2:05pm PST 
Hi, i am going to take in a male cat, that has been outside for a year, who has been kicked out of his home. I am wondering how much it will cost to fix him and how should i bathe him, because he is pretty dirty.
Also, how i should introduce him to my other cat? And what should i do if they get into a fight?
Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks! big grin


the queen
Purred: Sun Sep 15, '13 8:33pm PST 
Mikko, I would first get him into the vet, for a full blood work, a exam, and we are guess they could give him the bath too. blood work to make sure he does not have something he can give to you, depending on how the blood comes back, just go from there. its been a few since i had to introduce cats, but, slowly is the way to go, but, get it into the vet first. bless you for helping this kitty.



Rescue cat- manager Power of- the Purr
Purred: Sat Sep 21, '13 9:55am PST 
You will not regret rescuing him. I was rescued and loved my person with all my heart.


Psycho kitty
Purred: Sun Sep 22, '13 10:27am PST 
OK slowly is good. Blood work, good idea. I dont want Mikko to catch something Voto might have. Thanks!

Your absolutely right, i will not regret it and Voto already loves me with all his heart, i know that for sure.

Thanks for the advice guys! hamster dance